Echolocation allows creatures to move around in pitch darkness, so they can navigate, hunt, identify friends and enemies, and avoid obstacles.
Echolocation definition, the general method of locating objects by determining the time for an echo to return and the direction from which it returns, as by radar or sonar.

echolocation is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The location of objects by reflected sound, in particular that used by animals such as dolphins and bats. Echolocation is the ability to observe an environment using sound. Bats use such a system to avoid objects in flight and to locate prey, as do toothed whales and dolphins. Many animals have this ability, including bats, whales, dolphins, shrews, and some birds. n. 1. Dolphins and whales are able to determine the difference in sound wave echoes and decide if there is food or danger ahead. As nouns the difference between echolocation and sonar is that echolocation is the use of echoes to detect objects as observed in bats and other natural creatures also known as biosonar while sonar is (nautical) echolocation. Echolocation is an elegant evolutionary adaptation to a low-light niche.

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Echolocation is the system bats use to navigate in the dark when hunting prey. Echolocation.

Echolocation is a highly technical and interesting tactic. Echolocation is rare among birds. See more. Learn more. In the animal kingdom, echolocation is an animal ’ s determination of the position of an object by the interpretation of echoes of sounds produced by the animal. echolocation meaning: a process in which animals, for example bats (= small animals with wings that fly at night), find…. echolocation the means by which objects are identified through echoes returned from very high frequency sound emissions. Swiftlets use echolocation for navigation in the dark and also for social purposes. What does echolocation mean? To truly understand the concepts and complexity of this subject is to begin to understand the amazing nature of these animals.
The sounds made by animals are sent out into the environment to bounce off of nearby objects and return information about the nearby objects by measuring the amount of time it takes for the sound waves to return. Bats are not the only species that uses echolocation. Define echolocation.

Echolocation is the ability to identify one’s surrounding through emitting sounds towards an object and then analyzing the echoes reflected from the objects to … For dolphins and toothed whales , this technique enables them to see in muddy waters or dark ocean depths, and may even have evolved so that they can chase squid and other deep-diving species. Echolocation is rare among birds.

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