... Today we will be talking about the recommended jobs for the characters in Final Fantasy XII … A support job in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age weakens enemies and buffs allies to increase your chances of taking down an enemy quickly, or surviving longer in battles. If you played the original game, The Zodiac Age brings a host of job classes to mull over and decide between. There are 12 job classes available to choose from in FF12: The Zodiac Age.None of the six characters are barred from any of the jobs… Vaan is my Tank. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age's job system brings some big changes, like pre-selected jobs with unique boards. Fran - Her stats are the weakest, she does not excel at anything; you may want to have her be an Archer or a Machinist if you intend to choose every job once. Final Fantasy 12 Best Jobs for Each Character. Balthier - Strong HP and Strength, does better with physical jobs. The Knight job suits Vaan since he originally has good magical power and speed. He'll have a bunch of HP and do damage. I know Vaan is basically the jack of all trades from what I read but Im not sure what job I want for him yet, maybe Monk? Although if someone can give a good lore explanation for Monk, I'd switch him to that job.

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I play with Vaan, Fran and Balthier. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Recommeneded Character Jobs! This is what I would improve on my job assignment in TZA: Vaan - Monk / Knight Ashe - Samurai / Red Mage Fran - Breaker (forget name of the job) / Time Mage Bashe - Ranger / Machinist Balthier - Shikari / White Mage Penelo - Black Mage / Uhlan There are job guides for TZA on r/ffxii in case people are interested. Penelo - White Mage: In Revenant Wings, she's a Dancer / White Mage, so 'nuff said there. i gave Vaan the Monk Job.

In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age each Character has to pick one of 12 different Jobs (or Licence Boards) in order to progress in prowess. You can complete this game with nearly all job combinations.

* Updated with second jobs. Vaan - All of his stats are strong and he does well in any job. Available in The Zodiac Age. If you played IZJS, this version brings the new duo classing system to give your parties even more flexibility.If you've never played at all before, you're in for a whole new world of confusion.

Here's how to get a second job. I also read Basch is a good Archer.

Typically support jobs can also dish out some damage or even heal the party, so they can do … Fran as Healer, Balthier as Support. Any Help is welcome. =) Bushido in that case, then. Was also thinking maybe Ashe be a Red Battlemage and Penelo a Black mage (I read she is more of the natural magic user and not much for physical jobs).

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