Try changing the options above to get more results. South Africa has become without a doubt one of the most beautiful and iconic psytrance scenes in the world. A nice place to have a beer, hang out with friends and dance the night away. Country . 0 results found. 9th March 2014 CYPRUS MARATHON, HALF-MARATHON & 10KM RUN. Email: Start date. Skip to main content. Events and happenings in Cyprus . Home; Blog; Acts; Top100; Facebook; Festival Name . Type of Event . Magnificent views throughout the course.

A traditional entertainment programme and plenty of beer will keep you dancing by the end of the race! All Techno // Tech House festivals worldwide on a map and as a list | Top10 Techno // Tech House acts | The No.1 search engine for Techno // Tech House around the globe | Top 100 Techno // Tech House list in Europe / Asia / America . April 9th 2010, Expo Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia. Although geographically separated from the rest of the world, the psychedelic culture that started in the 1990's has grown with every decade. Look out for upcoming events at The Underground Music Club’s Facebook page. ActiveCyprus - Portal to your life in Cyprus . Phone: 05338558239. Book your place now and enjoy a day of running alongside Aphrodite's birthplace and the coastline of the Mediterranean.

April 24th 2010, Centennial Hall, Wroclaw, Poland . If you’re the lucky one your set will be broadcast live during the transmission of “A State of Trance 450”. Music styles vary from night to night, from famous rock artists to the hottest DJs in the techno and trance scene. April 2nd 2010, Roseland Ballroom, New York. Genre . Toggle navigation. Events: April 1st 2010, Guvernment, Toronto. Date. End date. April 3rd 2010, Roseland Ballroom, New York .

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