Martin's (1988, 1992, 1993) notes are summarized below. Generally tan or yellowish tan, the timber rattlesnake has markings along the back that are dark brown and change from blotches on the neck to bands near the tail. Within that larger home range will be smaller areas even more familiar to them, within which will be their hide spots and preferred basking areas. Initially they are found in light yellow or grey color, which is called the light stage.

Their habitats are varied, as they can live in plains, deserts, and mountain habitats. a timber rattle snake eats prinarily rodents, birds, and lizards.
Rattlesnakes are well equipped to colonize and survive in arid habitats; impermeable scales cover their bodies, they do not waste water by urinating and they can detect water from great distances with their incredible senses of smell and taste. Most rattlesnakes are 'ambush' snakes. In the United States, they are quite common in the southwest.

According to past research, the historical distribution of the Timber rattlesnake was found to be mostly in eastern parts of the United States. Description: Timber rattlesnakes, which are called canebrake rattlesnake in the Coastal Plain of the Southeast, are large, heavy bodied snakes with the characteristic rattles on the end of the tail. Timber rattlesnakes can vary in color from yellow to black with dark bands on their back.

In more heavily populated and trafficked areas, reports have been increasing of rattlesnakes that do not rattle. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find rattlesnakes further north, too. Eastern diamondbacks can be found in the southernmost part of Alabama.

Commonly known animals that hunt down a Timber rattlesnake include coyotes, feral cats, prairie dogs, King snakes, Black adders, hawks, owls, raccoons, foxes and opossums.

In the summer, a timber rattlesnake will migrate to find prey to hunt.
Small caves, gopher holes, rocky crevices and other such formations can act as homes for rattlesnakes during the winter.

They live in every part of the state, including in and around Birmingham and Montgomery.

This is one area in which different types of rattlesnakes deviate from one another, as the chemical makeup of venom varies. Adults range from 30-60 in (76-152 cm) with the record being more than 6 feet (183 cm) long. The reptile can be found in southern Minnesota, with a distribution range that extends till southern New Hampshire and north of Florida. They strike at, and release the prey then, after waiting

Humans are the premier killers of rattlesnakes. Timber rattlesnakes have yellow eyes with elliptical or cat-like pupils. This species is regionally extinct in Canada and threatened in several other parts of its range.

Generally, if you see a rattlesnake in your yard, it is looking for food or shelter so the biggest thing you can do is to get rid of any food sources. Timber rattlesnakes are carnivores, so they eat mice and rats but they have been known to go for larger things, such as other snakes. Timber Rattlesnake Bite Facts This includes rodents that might be living in your yard and bird feeders that are accessible from the ground, as well as making sure to not leave pet (or human) food outside for extended periods. During the winter, this rattlesnake will undergo brumation in a den with up to 60 other snakes. Often, a dark line extends from the eye along the angle of the jaw, and there is a rust-colored stripe down the back. More often than not, however, rattlesnakes reside in rocky environments, as rocks help them to find cover and food. Timber rattlesnakes can be found as far north as New York and as far south as northern Florida. rodents (their favourite food) and wait until a mouse or rat walks.

Color of Timber Rattlesnake : The timber rattlesnakes are usually found in two colors during their life span.

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