Sabrina part 3 was released on Netflix today (Jan 24) and with it came a whole new fresh batch of Riverdale crossovers and easter eggs.There were some familiar faces, there were some familiar graffiti tags (Jughead, come to Greendale) and there was even a couple of trips across Sweetwater River … Sweetwater River is located in the forests of Riverdale. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Auch „Riverdale“ spielt gerne mit dem Übersinnlichen. The main thing isolating Riverdale from Sabrina’s home of Greendale is Sweetwater River. Sweetwater River is located in the forests of Riverdale. They are 2 towns in the same fictional universe. But perhaps the most indecipherable of all is its location. It is where Jason and Cheryl Blossom crossed over to from Riverdale, when Jason faked his death in order for him to run away. It's been said or implied on Riverdale that Greendale is a strange place, but nothing supernatural has occured on Riverdale. Riverdale is classic Americana: the local diner where the high school kids hang out after school, the swimming hole for summer fun, the River Vixens cheerleading teams, and the football jocks. For starters, this is not the first time Ben’s been to the other side of Sweetwater River. They are … According to "Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks," it's a "straight shot" up the Sweetwater to the Canadian border. Warning: Minor SPOILERS ahead. Our first set of clues comes from the terrain of Riverdale itself, especially along the banks of the rolling Sweetwater River. Dividing line between Riverdale and Greendale. It serves as a boundary between Riverdale and Greendale. Greendale is a town near Riverdale.

At a certain point, Riverdale would present Sabrina as a … However, as a general rule, there’s much all the more going on that is kept the two shows from completely traverse… up to this point. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 offers some fresh connections to its sister show over on The CW, Riverdale.While there's no news of an actual crossover between the two shows yet, both Riverdale and Sabrina have waved to one another from afar and they appear to be set in the same universe - even if Sabrina's side is a little more supernatural. As we know, Greendale has been mentioned LOADS of times within Riverdale and we've even taken actual trips to the mysterious town which is on the other side of Sweetwater river.Greendale was where Ms Grundy was murdered in the first episode of season two, and it's where Jughead and Archie had to deliver a crate on the orders of Penny Peabody in episode seven. It serves as a boundary between Riverdale and Greendale.

Characters from Riverdale have visited and lived in Greendale. Greendale is a town near Riverdale. Sweetwater River.
Located on opposite sides of Sweetwater River, Riverdale and Greendale couldn’t be more different. Riverdale-Fans glauben fest daran, dass Polly mittlerweile zu einem Sekten-Clan gehört.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's town of Greendale, much like its neighboring town Riverdale, is undoubtedly full of enigmas.

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