The new images of St Helena have already received positive comments from people around the world. Coordinates 37° 5 south, 12° 15 west . In the 2008 issue of the WRTH on page 51 is a map of Southern Africa and the South Atlantic region. St. Helena is currently declining at a rate of -1.11% annually and its population has decreased by -7.29% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 96 in 2010. St. Helena (15 ° 56 ? World Radio Map: Africa UK St. Helena List of cities Web links FAQ : World Radio Map • Southern Africa • St. Helena ... High Knoll (also known as the Citadel) is a fort on St. Helena, an island and British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. As you will see, Google has captured the island’s stunning topography and scenery – … View St Helena on Google Maps by clicking here. Google Maps allows people to view locations online before visiting in the real world. St Helena, which is of volcanic origin, is the part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Capital City Jamestown . The closest country is Ascension Island, 1,100 kilometers northwest. St. Helena has a maximum length (southwest-northeast) of 10.5 miles (17 km) and a maximum breadth of 6.5 miles (10 km). Coordinates 15° 56 S, 5° 42 W . Status British dependent territory, claimed 1653 A part of St. Helena and the Dependencies, including Ascension, St. Helena and a few smaller islands. The exact date of the discovery traditionally has been given as May 21, which in the Eastern Orthodox Church is the feast day of St. Helena, Roman empress and mother of the emperor Constantine. Net Saint Helena Map | world map vector st helena world map | FRAN BRYSON map of st. helena, st. helena maps | the world | Pinterest | Saint Saint Helena Map., being established in 1996, is longtime Europe’s leader in online hotel reservations. The 2010 census put the population at 28,180. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. St. Helena Island. Details. Important Town Edinburgh . Napa Valley restaurants invite you to delight in a taste of the good life. Saint Helena Island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the world's most isolated islands, and it is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled from 1815 until his death in 1821. Important Town Edinburgh . St Helena world map 2015-05-04T09:36:56+00:00. Tristan da Cunha. This blog contains tutorials, travel adventures and model shoots, plus our favourite topic, real-people photo-stories.

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