Smart way to stop squirrels from stealing bird food… lol 32 secs To analyze the intelligence of birds, we can consider the brain size and structure. There are about 18000 species of birds in the world. At the end of the puzzle is a food reward, but how he gets there is … Social Media Network Meet New People , Around The World, Caht , Videos, Photos,Music & More ...Make Your Account Now A Very Smart Bird - Thirsty crow comes to humans for help If they asked you to think it's the smartest bird in the world, you would definitely be answering the parrot. You have already voted for this video. 1:14. 3 years ago | 0 view. Despite the puzzle's difficulty, the bird only seems to be stumped momentarily. Studies show that their brains are bigger as compared to the small bodies. wow- this bird is so smart...look it that! must watch... oke news. Let’s have a look at 10 of the smartest bird species - the most intelligent ones that made it to the list. This bird, dubbed "007" for its crafty mind, flies into the caged puzzle and spends only seconds analyzing the puzzle before getting down to business. Playing next.
Indeed, it is one of the smartest birds, but it would be the wrong answer, because the raven owns the raven according to scientific research.

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