They are considered the largest invertebrates discovered in the past century. The scientific name Chrysaora comes from Greek mythology, referring to Chrysaor, who was the son of Poseidon and the Gorgon Medusa and brother of Pegasus.Chrysaor's name means "he who has a golden sword." Scientific Name. Not all jellies sting, but the sea nettle does. Humans rarely make contact with these jellies, and when they do, it is typically when mass swarms of … From there, the prey is moved to the mouth-arms and finally to the mouth, where it's digested. The Atlantic sea nettle provides food and shelter for the blue crab, and the blue crab removes parasites and debris. The Atlantic sea nettle forms mutualistic symbiotic relationships with the blue crab in the open ocean. Chrysaora chesapeakei (formerly known as Chrysaora quinquecirrha).Learn why the name was changed. They typically appear in large blooms in San Diego Bay — most recently in 2012. Black Sea Nettles are some of the most intriguing and mysterious animals to grace the Pacific Coast. The bay nettle is the most common jelly in Chesapeake Bay during summer, and can be present from May to October. When the tentacles touch prey, the stinging cells paralyze it and stick tight.

The sea nettle is a group of jellyfish in the genus Chrysaora.The jellyfish gets its common name from its sting, which resembles that from a nettle or bee. It hunts tiny drifting animals by trailing those long tentacles and frilly mouth-arms, all covered with stinging cells.

Size Ranges between 4.0 (10 cm) to 9.8 (25 cm) inches in diameter; Diet The black sea nettle is considered a giant jelly; its distinctive purplish bell can reach over three feet (.9 m) in diameter. Its lacy, pinkish mouth-arms can reach nearly 20 feet (6 m) in length and its stinging tentacles can reach 25 feet (7.6 m) or more.

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