In addition to our online stores, we have a brick and mortar retail store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Authenticity Guarantee . is the sister company of Tracks Ltd. Our Pop & Film Memorabilia Expert worked for a leading international auctioneer in London for more than twenty years and was the specialist in charge of rock 'n' roll and film memorabilia auctions from 1990-2003. We appraise your Beatles & Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia for free!
Rock Legends Auction House is a Purveyor of the rare and exquisite Rock and Roll and Pop Culture Memorabilia.

Music memorabilia, especially those pieces associated with Rock and Roll, Blues, and Jazz icons have achieved soaring results in both prices and escalating interest.

We are an “edutainment” based entity.

“VH1 Rock Collectors” comes to Buena Park on Sunday, so the cable channel is inviting rock fans to bring any records or memorabilia for authentication and appraisal.

Rock and Roll Memorabilia. The artwork from these posters is highly desirable and some sell for thousands. Est since '89 . Ringo Starr recently auctioned many items from his personal collection. Posted in Appraisals, Memorabilia, Rock and Roll | Tagged Appraisal, auction, … We are seldom if ever outbid on valuable collections. Stephen M.H.

Braitman, ASA is an accredited senior appraiser affiliated with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) specializing in Music Memorabilia. Leila Dunbar LLC prepares written appraisals for sports, entertainment, wine, and pop culture (toys, advertising, automotive, movie posters, comics, etc.)

Psychedelic designs from the 1960’s advertising popular bands in concert are some of the most valuable. I have found Rockaway to be the most honest and most knowledgeable company re: Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia and music of the many other companies that I have dealt with. And an extensive collection of vintage Magazines, Comics and Books.

As each generation rediscovers the sights and sounds reminiscent of their youth the popularity of pop and film memorabilia continues to grow. At Wolfgang's you'll find the world's finest concert Posters, Photography and Clothing all in one place.

Highly … Rock and Roll memorabilia deserves a closer look. Megan Mahn Miller is the owner and president of Mahn Miller Collective Inc., an appraisal company specializing in Hollywood and Rock & Roll Memorabilia. The Value of Rock and Roll Memorabilia Posted on August 24, 2017 Author Goldin Auctions There’s only one Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. Please note: While this tool is helpful in determining an Appraiser's location, it may not be necessary to find an appraiser who is geographically close to you. please feel free to browse our selection of rare collectibles. Mahn Miller Collective Inc. is an appraisal and consultation company specializing in Hollywood and Rock and Roll memorabilia led by President and Owner, Megan Mahn Miller, MPPA.

SELECT THE REGION You may choose to narrow your search geographically below, or leave this area blank to widen your search. She can be reached at Pop & Rock Memorabilia Appraisals Pop and Rock memorabilia is very popular among collectors and is a good starting sector for those who are interested in collecting or investing.

Rock Legends has something for everyone, from trading cards to original handwritten lyrics. 0. Sell original Beatles & Rock n roll Memorabilia RISK FREE! Buy authentic music memorabilia and collectibles, including autogrpahed rock memorabilia like guitars, instruments, records, CD's, posters and more. ALL DEPARTMENTS . We authenticate, appraise, buy, sell, broker and exhibit music memorabilia inclusive of stage clothing, ephemera, instruments, audio recordings, music gear and even celebrity automobiles.

For the sake of the market – let’s hope so.

STEVE RESNIK - MUSIC INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE ; A number of years ago as I was downsizing, it broke my heart to …

Mahn Miller is also a property specialist with Julien’s Auctions. Megan Mahn Miller is the owner and president of Mahn Miller Collective Inc., an appraisal company specializing in Hollywood and Rock & Roll Memorabilia. We collect or pay postage and …

Hard Rock Stage Productions Autographed Memorabilia Your #1 Source For Authentic Autographed Guitars, Signed CDs, Autographed Albums and Rock Music Memorabilia! My Account. Rock N' Roll Contracts, 2013 Jacksonville Roadshow. GET RAIDERS OF ROCK; Home; About; Raiders of Rock TV Series; Merchandise; Memorabilia.

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