Red drum is a fast growing fish reaching approximately 11 inches and one pound in its first year, 17-22 inches and 3 1/2 pounds in two years, and 22-24 inches and 6-8 pounds in three years. Fish and Wildlife Service (1980) for impact assessment and habitat management. Red Drum Habitat Addendum (2013) Section I. The current Texas record is 59 1/2 pounds. The record red drum was 94 pounds and was caught on the East coast. CHAPTER 4: RED DRUM . Ron Brooks. RED DRUM (Sciaenops ocellatus) The widely distributed Drum family contains over 200 tropical and warm-temperature saltwater marine species, including Drum, Croaker, Seatrout, Seabass, and Weakfish. Fishing Saltwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing Gear Fish Species Hiking Climbing Skiing Snowboarding Surfing Paddling Sailing Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Learn More. The habitat suitability index (HSI) model for larval and juvenile red drum is intended for use in the habitat evaluation procedures (HEP) developed by the U.S. How to Catch Redfish Here are some Tips and Techniques for Catching Redfish - Red Drum - Channel Bass. They … Resources Red Drum Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Map & GIS Data. Additional Information. It updates Amendment 2’s habitat section to include current information on red drum spawning habitat and habitat by life stage (egg, larval, juvenile, sub-adult, and adult). Red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus ) spawn from late summer to late fall in a range of habitats, including estuaries, near inlets, passes, and near bay mouths (Peters and McMichael 1987). State Record: 52 lb 5 oz, caught near Cocoa (1996) Fishing Tips and Facts: One of Florida’s most popular sport fish and the state’s most widespread estuarine fish.Floating a live shrimp under a popping cork is a good way to fish for redfish. The range of the Red Drum is from Massachusetts USA south to Northern Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Populated with text from the . Ron Brooks is an award-winning writer who has written … Map and GIS data representing EFH for red drum in the Gulf of Mexico. Part A. Spawning Habitat . By. Share PINTEREST Email Print The Great Outdoors. General Description of Habitat .
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