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It is located to the far northside of Pyrite Town. Pyrite Colosseum パイラコロシアム Pyra Colosseum Location information Region Orre Weather Sunny Kind Colosseum Needed HM None Generation(s) available III The Pyrite Colosseum is a location that appears in the games Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Those two guys won't leave their cell. Go beat Dakim first in Mt. In Pokémon Colosseum. Then from the teacher, you get your P*DA (pokemon digital assistant) updated with a pokedex of all pokemons you've encountered. Pyrite Town in Pokémon Colosseum. There is also a woman walking around there too and also wants a battle. Pyrite Town is a town in Orre that is known for its dark atmosphere.. Pyrite Town~ ===== Welcome to the town of thugs, agressive trainers, and a whole lot of Shadow Pokemon! Once a mining town, most of the residents have resorted to a life of crime since the town's livelihood began to wane.

You won't get the elevator key until later. Part 8 - Pyrite Town, Pyrite Building, Pyrite Cave, Mt. You'll find the first ten Trainers are now Cipher members.

More Pokémon Let's Play Wiki. Battle, then go back to Pyrite Town and there will be a dude sleeping in that very cell. You can fight them whenever you want.

Each of them has a Shadow Pokemon, so bring some Pokeballs. Part 20: Pyrite Town, Part Seven Pyrite Town, Part Seven Welcome back. However, rumors about the levels of crime in Pyrite appear to be exaggerated slightly. During the events of Pokémon Colosseum, Pyrite Town was ruled by Cipher, with the administrator in charge being Miror B..

Battle, The Under; Part 9 - Shadow Pokémon Lab; Part 10 - The Under, Realgam Tower, Agate Village, Realgam Tower; Part 11 - Realgam Colosseum; Post-Game .

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Start off by going to the middle of the town to find 6 trainers waiting there for a battle in "Duel Square". Battle; 2 Pyrite Town; 3 Cipher Hideout; 4 The Under; Mt. 1 Appendix:Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Walkthrough; 2 Appendix:Pokémon Sun and Moon Walkthrough; 3 Appendix:Pokémon Colosseum Walkthrough Contents. In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. You head to Pyrite. Pyrite is an honorable town of thugs and scoundrels where Shadow Pokémon were once distributed before Wes and Rui, the protagonists of Pokémon Colosseum, put a stop to it.

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Pyrite Town: (Colosseum, fortune-telling center, police station, Ginzaru's flat, Pyrite Building, windmill generator house) Upon arrival, you see a policeman, Yuuto, talking with a trainer named Masa, then the police walks away. When we last were concerned with an organization plotting to spread Shadow Pokémon to everyone (which again, I'm not quite sure why tricking people into using brainwashed Pokémon constitutes a successful plot), we encountered a mysterious locked-off lab in the desert. Once here, enter and register for Mt. In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, it becomes the headquarters of the ONBS, formerly known as the …
1 Mt. Battle.

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