Poecilotheria metallica goes by a variety of different common names; the Gooty Ornamental, Gooty Sapphire, and Peacock Parachute Spider to name just three.

Habitat: India’s seasonal cycle includes three main phases: the cool, dry winter from October to March; the hot, dry summer from April to June; and the southwest monsoon season of warm, torrential rains from mid-June to September.India’s winter season brings cold temperatures to the mountain slopes and northern plains; temperatures in the Thar Desert reach freezing at night. As Poecilotheria metallicas are photosensitive, you … I hope you enjoy! Peocilotheria metallica is considered one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the world, combining the intricate patterning of other Poecilotheria species with a metallic blue sheen. Please … Today I rehouse my #poecilotheriametallica sling. However it decides it doesn't want to leave the vial! Once they have matured to a juvenile, you can introduce mealworms, larger crickets and roaches. US Poecilotheria Metallica sling. Thread starter JS31; Start date Today at 10:36 AM; Today at 10:36 AM #1 JS31 New Member.

As a sling, you should feed your P. metallica Drosophila hydei, small roaches or a pinhead once a week.
What do I do???

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