during the courtship period more than one male is likely to pursue a female and they each perform an undaluting display fight. I’ve gone out today and all the soft feathery bit is out of the nest and the wagtail has not returned. Welcome to The Grapevine where for 15 years we've helped to make growing vegetables easy. The Schwegler Dipper and Pied Wagtail Nest Box provides excellent protection against predators, making this box ideal for boosting breeding success or when undertaking restoration and construction work in breeding areas. They raise two broods of chicks each summer, usually in a hole in a tree or building. Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba This species is instantly recognisable with its black and white plumage and its long tail that always seems to be on the move. In the eastern hills dry stone walls offer plenty of nooks and crannies, and one pair was seen taking nest-material into the roof of the highest pub in Cheshire – the 'Cat & Fiddle' Inn – and later seen carrying food. Welcome to The Grapevine where for 15 years we've helped to make growing vegetables easy. Credit: Andy Hay, RSPB Images Attracting common wild birds to nest in your bird nesting box would depend highly on not just where its sited, but the size and shape of the entrance hole . Bird box hole size guide. Pied Wagtails are elegant birds in constant motion, darting here and there to pick up tiny insects from the grass. We’ve kept our distance but could see it’s little face looking out. It is equally happy anywhere with a good food supply where it can eat flies and other insects. Small common garden birds like Blue, Coal and Marsh Tits require a 25mm hole, well a Great Tit, Swift, House and Tree Sparrow need a 28mm hole. A common and familiar bird, the pied wagtail is often seen in towns and cities, dashing across lawns, roads and car parks while wagging its long tail up and down. They’ll also happily use nestboxes, but aren’t fussy: previous nest sites have included old cars or machinery, and even the barrel of an 1894 battle cruiser gun. In summer, they defend breeding territories and will nest in … Hi, I have a beautiful wagtail nesting in my logstore. Observers reported nest-sites in ivy and other climbing plants and in a variety of human artefacts including a pub window sill and canal lock gates. They flock together at warm roost sites like reedbeds and sewage works or trees and bushes in city centres.
Of these the most exciting is the spotted flycatcher. Wagtail nest. It’s been quite happy feathering it’s nest. The Pied Wagtail (Moctacilla alba yarrellii) spends most of it's time near any source of water. Share and learn with the UK's largest growing community. Right now pied wagtails are preparing to nest. Pied wagtail. Pied wagtails eat insects, but will feed on seeds and even rubbish in winter. Robin, pied wagtail and spotted flycatcher will sometimes take to small nest boxes (same size as above) with an open front (roughly the top half of the front should be open). THE pied wagtail is not a bird that causes much excitement. Share and learn with the UK's largest growing community.

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