The nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) is a type of carpet shark.This slow-moving bottom dweller is known for its docile nature and adaptation to captivity. The downside is that the nurse shark's small mouth is attached to a large pharynx that enables it to suck up food and latch onto it. Nurse sharks are not known to be aggressive. They are robust and able to tolerate capture, handling, and tagging extremely well. Inside of their mouths, they have many rows of short, sharp teeth. Its body shape and the number of gill are similar to fossils of sharks which lived 350,000,000 years ago.

According to National Geographic, the animals will bite defensively if … Disclaimer: This is a five foot nurse shark that typically never bite unless provoked via tail pulling, feeding, etc. ; As she posed for a photo in the water, one of the sharks bit her arm and dragged her underwater. Holding still reduces damage to both shark and man.

Nurse shark, (family Ginglymostomatidae), common name for any shark in the family Ginglymostomatidae, which is made up of the genera Ginglymostoma, Nebrius, and Pseudoginglymostoma. While shark teeth can break off easily, sharks have the ability to reg­row them. Skin of a nurse shark (Ginglymostom cirratum) showing the rough placoid scales, commonly called denticles. That’s what this Punpedia entry is all about. Fortunately, even in the rare instances when a nurse shark does attack a human -- so far, 52 times, with no recorded fatalities -- the bite isn't powerful enough to be lethal [source: International Shark Attack File]. Great White Shark Bite Explained Category: Science and Medicine Created: Thursday, 02 December 2010 21:23 Written by Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience The researchers used computer simulations to get a closer look at the feeding behaviors of two shark species—the harmless grey nurse shark (also called the sandtiger) and a sub-adult great white shark. “Between their jaws, teeth, and sucking ability if they get a hold of you, it won’t end well. Shark puns overlap a little with the entries on dolphin puns, beach puns, water puns, and fish puns, so feel free to check out those articles for some related wordplay.Shark puns often centre around a few key topics: fins, jaws, names of species, and a few other shark-related topics.
At the end of their snout, next to their nostrils, they have two short “whiskers” that are similar to those of catfish..
Andrey Nekrasov / Getty Images The bite reflex is such that it may be some minutes before a quietly re-immersed nurse shark will relax and release its tormenter. Sharks! As inoffensive as nurse sharks may appear, they are ranked fourth in documented shark bites on humans, likely due to incautious behavior by divers on account of the nurse shark's slow, sedentary nature. Hocher sent NBC News a picture of a sign at the marina that warns guests that nurse sharks "can and do bite" and that visitors must "swim with the sharks … "Check out the surprise and very rare nurse shark bite in the video and don’t forget the volume to hear the crunchhhhh." (Photo by Awashima Marine Park/Getty Images) The frill shark, also known as a Frilled shark usually lives in waters of a depth of 600 meters and so it is very rare that this shark is found alive at sea-level. Nurse sharks have long, flattened bodies with rounded snouts. It is a different species from the grey nurse shark (one of the names for the sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus) and the tawny nurse shark (Nebrius ferrugineus, another type of carpet shark).

While nurse sharks have extremely tiny teeth and use suction to capture prey, their mouths do contain bacteria. Any shark bite that draws blood should be examined by a doctor to help stem off any issues with infection. Nurse sharks are an important species for shark research (predominantly in physiology). "A nurse shark bite is one of the worst, because their teeth are like cheese graters on each side," and they suck food into their mouth, grinding up tissue as they go, Burgess says. Fortunately, even in the rare instances when a nurse shark does attack a human -- so far, 52 times, with no recorded fatalities -- the bite isn't powerful enough to be lethal [source: International Shark Attack File]. In addition to the common Atlantic nurse shark (G. cirratum), the family includes the tawny nurse shark (N.

Description of the Nurse Shark. Nurse sharks are slow-moving and have strong jaws along with razor-sharp, serrated teeth. They do however have very tiny teeth (in rows just like the bigger sharks) or cartilage plates. They are actually transparent if you look at them closely.They use these teeth to grind and crush their prey. The small teeth seldom penetrate deeply but are razor sharp.

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