Academic Research Related publications: Psittacula eques. Sometimes mistaken for budgies, lineolated parakeets or "linnies" are a bit stockier.

It is however a pseudo-francism as perroquet means parrot in French, while the French for parakeet is perruche. This is a very rare parrot.

Mustached Parakeet Birds For Sale | New Port Richey, FL #276971. Our birds are never shipped anywhere.

Most of the subspecies are confined to minuscule islands or a cluster of islands in Indonesia. Thanked 612 Times in 238 Posts Mustache Parakeet… He’s been raised as a pet and owner thinking he was a she until beak turned orange! One expert suggests a diet based on 50% high quality pellets, 25% high quality seeds, and 25% fresh fruits and vegetables. Join Date: May 2010. User Name: Remember Me? At Just For Parrots, our birds are hand fed and handled often. The Australian budgerigar, or shell parakeet, is a popular pet and the most common parakeet. See more ideas about Parakeet, Parrot, Birds. Location: South Africa - Cape Town. The red-breasted parakeet (Psittacula alexandri) is among the more widespread species of the genus and is the species which has the most geographical variations.It is easily identified by the large red patch on its breast. Mustache Parakeet Name: Stephen Brezil - user reviews Posted: 6/9/2019 Aviary: Xtreme Exotics Phone: 904-945-0522 E-mail: Email this seller Location: Jacksonville , Florida This beautiful hand raised moustached parakeet would make the perfect pet. An alternative name is the moustached parakeet depending on subspecies.

See more ideas about Parakeet, Parrot, Birds. The name parakeet is derived from the French word perroquet. Young male moustached parakeet for sale.

Feb 16, 2018 - Explore catacomb_cat's board "Moustached Parakeet" on Pinterest. This parrot gets it name from its distinctive feathers above the beak that looks like a well-groomed mustache. The seed should include millet sprays, and the seed mix and sprays should be fresh enough to sprout. Password: Home: Forums: Active Topics: Photo Gallery: Register: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 06-27-2010, 02:25 PM miloslave.
Parrots: Mustache Parakeet - Milo CAG - Charlie. Genus: Psittacula | Species: eques. A list of Moustached Parakeet for sale in ga Georgia. Visit Our Store 1943 S. Glenstone, Suite C Springfield, MO. This bird makes a great pet and has a sweet, outgoing personality that bird lovers enjoy. Feb 8, 2016 - Explore mcjenjen's board "Moustache Parakeets" on Pinterest. The average lifespan of the Mustached Parakeet is 20 to 25 years. Store Hours Mon: Closed Tue - Sat: 10am - 6pm Sun: 10am - 4pm.
Species Profile. Moustache Parrots A beautiful parrot, the moustached parakeet is named for its distinctive feathers above the beak that looks like a well-groomed mustache. The Mustached Parakeet is the nominate form of eight different subspecies. They are inquisitive, playful, and love to chirp along with their daily home environment.When purchasing a brand new parakeet you may be left wondering what to name your little friend..

The Echo Parakeet differs from most Asian and African parakeets by being bright emerald green rather than olive green. Serving Bird Needs in Springfield, MO. Thanks: 413. This list aims to help narrow down the decision by presenting the top five parakeet names whom we have selected from a researched list of over 30 names.

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