Thus, etymological meaning of sociology is the study or science of human association or society. Since the days of Comte, Spencers, Durkheim and Giddings, sociologists have attempted to define and limit the field of sociological investigation. It includes a body of classified knowledge relating to society and a number of principles and laws. It is a young science which is yet to be intimately familiar with the students of science. It may be called a subject of half science and half arts. But there is no one opinion about the scope of Sociology. Sociology is the scientific and systematic study of human society Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Scope of sociology of education. Sociology-There are two schools of thought with different viewpoints regarding scope and subject matter of educational sociology- 1-formal school and 2-synthetic school. The scope can be seen in two aspects i.e. Scope of Sociology. It may be noted that the scope and type of interaction between the educators and the education today becoming more complex and changing fast. Sociology is the study of social reality, whereas when we use the concept urban sociology, we refer to the term where social reality amalgamates with urban social structures and organizations. The Scope of Sociology By MORRIS GINSBERG, M.A., D.Lit. ADVERTISEMENTS: (Reader in Sociology in the University of London). The etymological meaning of ‘sociology’ is thus the ‘science of society’. November 1, 2017 by Sociology Group. Sociology and Education Sociology of education studies the relation of education to various social institutions , such as family,home,culture, socialization, social stratification and social mobility etc. While some sociologists conduct … Sociology of education studies the relation of education to various social institutions , such as family,home,culture, … But defining sociology is in itself a difficult task leading to a … The scope of sociology of education is vast. One famous … Sociology and Education. They say that the aim of sociology should not be simply to identify and record the meanings that people have ascribed to situation but to understand the ways in which they generate those meanings in the first place.

But defining sociology is in itself a difficult task leading to a variety of definition.

In other words, the scope of Political Sociology is held to concern with state, power, consensus and legitimacy, participation and representation and the relationship between economic and political development. Unfortunately there is no consensus among sociologists about the scope of sociology. Other members of the formal school argued that relationship types and their sub-categories represented about 650 forms of human interaction.

Sociology as a social science has its own scope or boundaries. The scope of sociology differs from each of the social sciences because it studies social relationships, but the study in this sphere necessitates a study of all the social sciences. Meaning of Sociology 2. Definitions of Sociology.
Role of school in the socialization of the students. Sociology comes from the Latin words 'socialism and 'loges', the first meaning study of science.

Every science has its own field of inquiry. It may, however, be rightly pointed out that other social sciences, such as Political […] Meaning And Scope Of Anthropology.
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