The Model 60 does come with a completely suitable set of sights that function well for basic shooting. After 60 years and more than 10 million rifles sold, the Model 60 is one of the world's most popular .22 Rimfire Rifles – and an American classic in every way. - Yahoo! Marlin 60 Barrel Light mount Has anyone mounted a light on their Marlin 60 tube fed? I want to put a scope on my marlin model 60, but have no idea what I need to get. However, they are far from precise and are designed for shooting during optimal shooting conditions. Gun Wizard Join Date May 2008. Member # 5451. easiest way to mount a flashlight to marlin model 60, flashlight for a marlin 60, flashlight mount for marlin model 60, light mount for marlin model 6 , marlin 60 flashlight, marlin 60 flashlight mount, marlin model 60 flashlight mount, marlin model 60 light mount, marlin model 60 scope and flashlight, mounting flashlight on marlin model 60.

The Lock Down can easily mount to the Marlin model 60 and secures the one piece scope mount to the weapon with four locking bolts. First thought was using a single see-thru mount in the forward receiver holes and a flashlight in the ring. Marlin 336Y .30-30 (but it will touch the barrel with hot a ton but some pressure) Will Not Fit: Browning 71 .348 Winchester 71 .348 Marlin 1895 .45-70 And for grins I tried it on a Winchester 1895 .30-06 and a Savage 99 .300 Sav. This is a pretty dumb rookie question but ive never owned a scoped rifle before.

Thanked 1859 times. Never have, never would, I never seen a mount, have you tried to google … Sleek lines cover the handsome, walnut-laminated stock, while the 19" Micro-Groove rifled barrel has a precision-crowned muzzle to split hairs like no other. Joined: Feb 7, 2009 Messages: 411. Mounting a scope on a Marlin 60. time: 6.05.2012 AUTHOR: lagefor marlin 60 with flashlight Marlin model 60? Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Guvnor, Jul 4, 2009. The Umarex lock down is made from durable and lightweight high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Location Ridin' life's trail. 01-22-2014, 04:13 PM #2.

HopalongCassidy. The Tech Sights is a dovetail set of replacement sights design specifically for the Marlin Model 60. The Umarex Lock down is a single piece scope mount that fits a wide variety of.22 rifles, including the Marlin Model 60. Posts 2,850.

Found a set in my ammo can of dead scope mounts/rings/screws etc. What mounts are a pic if you can.....thank you!

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Answers Marlin Model 60 .22 Red Laser Sight - MARLIN by MUZZELITE BULLPUP Rifle Stock MARLIN 60 TUBULAR FED: MSP Scope Mounts - Marlin Model 60 .22 Red Laser Sight Combat Quality Tactical Red. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. I've wanted to add a flashlight to the Marlin for some time now. Alas I didn't have any screws that would fit the receiver so on to plan B. I have about 37,221 Weaver bases in that ammo can. Click on a term to search for …

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