This is the official website of the Nintendo Co., Ltd Smartphone App Mario Kart Tour. 2. Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting is coming true with SuperHero Costume Rental! Japanese Driving License (residents of Japan) The driver’s license issued by Public Safety Commission. Using custom-built go-karts, Mari Mobility, ex-MariCar (the main name in the Mario Kart in Tokyo game) and now called Street Kart, together with a few other rental companies, offer you the opportunity to drive through the city like an unofficial game character. Japan has a reputation for the wacky, and this is almost on level pegging with the Tokyo Shock Boys tricks with liquid nitrogen. You must have any of the driver’s license listed below: 1. With over 750,000 readers each month, Tokyo Cheapo is the site of choice for value hunters who want their yen to go further in Tokyo. Street Kart is in no way a reflection of Nintendo, the game 'Mario Kart'. As long as you have one of the approved driving licenses (listed below), you can take to the streets. The MariCAR go-kart office is hidden away in a small industrial estate in the Fukushima-ku area of Osaka and is best reached by taxi. Dress up in your favorite character costume, playing the music of your choice and driving through the city of Tokyo. Tokyo Tower, Roppongi, Shibuya for 2 hours tour. They are the words of Bradley, a 32-year-old professional just after speeding through the streets of Tokyo in a two-stroke go-kart. Street Go-Karting Tour!! You have seen it on Social Media, now it's your turn to try it! While almost everyone knows the Mario Kart go karting happens “somewhere in Tokyo”, there are actually a few locations. You can see from the map below that there are 8 locations in the Tokyo area, 1 in Osaka, 1 in Okinawa, and 1 in Kyoto: – MariCAR Shibuya – MariCAR Tour Street Kart Go-Cart Tokyo (Shinagawa #1) – MariCAR Shinagawa #2 Therefore having a valid driver’s license in Japan is mandatory. There's no doubt that you will stand out in such vivid, unique Go-Kart … All eyes on you guarantee! We cover all the basics including things to do in Tokyo, how to get from Narita airport to Tokyo, which JR rail pass to choose, getting a SIM card and pocket wifi.. To find why we started this site, check out the Tokyo Cheapo Manifesto. (We do not provide rental of costumes of Mario Series.) Such a concept would have been brilliant if … Many people have heard of MariCar by now, a Japanese go-kart rental company that lets customers live the Mario Kart dream by letting customers dress up as the video game’s characters and zoom around the streets of Tokyo. The globally popular Mario Kart Arcade GP has been reborn at the VR ZONE with the kind of thrill-packed action that could only come from a VR activity! Enter the Mario Kart universe you know and love and race to the finish line The course is filled with the well-known Mario Kart traps and tricks. Yes you can actually ride our karts on the streets of Tokyo.

Re-discover Tokyo riding our custom made street go-karts dressed up in your favorite characters from Comics, Games, and Anime!!
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