The lionfish catches its prey by hiding in a crevice in the rock or coral and then ambushing it as it swims past. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The family, genus and species are Latin and Greek names that describe particular characteristics of an Genus and species names are either italicized or underlined, and the genus is always capitalized. No one is quite sure how the lionfish got its name. It’s … Who We Are We are a group of mutually concerned citizens who have been combating the lionfish invasion for several years now around the affected area of the western Atlantic from the US down to South America.

See some Lionfish species here. Scientific name: Pterois Family: Scorpaenidae Phylum: Chordata Rank: Genus Order: Scorpaeniformes Weight: On average, lionfish weigh 1 to 2 pounds In lab studies, lionfish die when water temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

of Agriculture (USDA)/original image by Bob Nichols : Control measures: Pterois volitans (lionfish); adult, being removed by a resource manager on Biscayne NP, Florida USA. Scientific names are used to identify a particular species with specific characteristics. There is no other name for the lionfish, young or old. Lionfish grow to around 12 to 15 inches long and weigh around 2 1/2 pounds. Adults are solitary and tend to remain in one location for long periods. The lionfish can live to around 16 years in the wild and lionfish often live longer if looked after well in captivity.

A tentacle is usually present above both eyes. This may be because its spines look like wings in full display. This may be because its spines look like wings in full display. A Fish of Many Names – Lionfish are also commonly called zebrafish, turkeyfish, butterfly-cod, firefish, and tastyfish. On the Subject of Names – All lionfish are in the genus Pterois. The body is covered with red to black bands on a pale background. The name may come from how the fish, with all its spines, looks like the head of a lion with its mane. They can live 10 to 15 years in the wild. Lionfish Fact Sheet.

The tentacle is variable in size and shape, usually long in … Adults often have white spots along the lateral line. Family name: Scorpaenidae Order name: Scorpaeniformes Common name: Lionfishes, turkeyfishes and firefishes Scientific name: Pterois.

This name originates from the Greek “pteroeis” which means “winged,” or “feathered.” A Fish Fishing? A lionfish (Pterois) by any other name looks just as lovely.

Dwarf Lionfish Scientific Name: Dendrochirus biocellatus Minimum Tank Size: 30 Gallon Care Level: Expert Only Temperature: 72-78° F pH: 8.1-8.4 Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.025 Max. Tank Size: 30 gallons : Mature Size: 10 inches : Diet: Carnivore : Range: Indo-Pacific : Size Class: 8: view chart.

Lionfish prey on a wide variety of small fish and crustaceans that inhabit the tropical reefs.

Lionfish are members of the subfamily Pteroinae, which places them within the family Scorpaenidae. Other common names that people use for the lionfish around the world are: Zebrafish; Firefish; Turkeyfish; Red lionfish; Butterfly cod; Ornate butterfly-cod; Peacock lionfish; Red firefish; Scorpion volitans; Devil firefish; Dragonfish. They will fiercely defend their home range against other lionfish and other species. Biological Classification. The Freshwater Lionfish is quite large, reaching almost 12 inches (30 cm) in length. Pterois volitans (lionfish); captured in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA.

April 2010. It's known for its distinctive red, white, and dark maroon vertical stripes. A very large lionfish that will eat small fish and invertebrates.

Learn how the red lionfish is expanding its range.

Common names are generally not capitalized. These fish are commonly available and relatively cheap.
Get the story behind the red lionfish's needle-like dorsal fins and the powerful venom that they pack. Adorned in bold maroon, brown and white stripes, lionfish drift through the water by gently waving their fan-like fins. In the Bahamas, lionfish decimated about 65 to 95 percent of the endemic small-reef fish in just 30 years, according to Oceana.

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