These cattle drawings have a striking resemblance to today's Limousin.

Cattle Breeds - Limousin Limousin History The history of Limousin cattle may be as old as the European continent itself. This region has the characteristic of having arid soils, of poor conditions, forests, and mountains with a rigorous climate of intense summers and severe winters. Limousin Cattle origin is in the southwest of France, in the Basque region. ALBS members and their commercial clients who use the Ear Tags in sale cattle will greatly assist in promoting the breed and also Buyers and Agents that are looking for Limousin infused cattle. Cattle found in cave drawings were estimated to be around 20,000 years old in the Lascaux Caves near Montignac, France. Its name comes from the ancient province of Limoges. Using the CERTIFIED LIMOUSIN BEEF Ear Tags with the I AM LIMO logo provides an important tool in identifying and promoting Limousin infused cattle in the market place. Origin of Breed. Cattle found in cave drawings estimated to be 20,000 years old in the Lascaux Caves near Montignac, France have a striking resemblance to today's Limousin. The history of Limousin cattle is rumored to be as old as the European continent itself.

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