The fancy group includes the breeds that are kept for exhibition purposes. Other large breeds include the French Lop, English Lop and New Zealand, which whilst being large are smaller than the giant breeds such as the British Giant, Continental Giant, Flemish Giant and Giant Papillion. Different Rabbit Breeds – Resources .

Generally, a long-haired rabbit breed will require more grooming than their short haired counterparts, and each Rabbit breed has their own unique mix of intelligence, temperament, care requirements and social characteristics.

The Thuringer is a rare rabbit breed. Our Ultimate list of Rabbit Breeds is a comprehensive list featuring popular Australian Rabbit breeds. Here are the top 25 rabbit breeds we will take a look at today! Ears, body and legs. The Beveren rabbit is one of the oldest of the rabbit breeds that were used for their fur and meat it is also a very large rabbit breed. The various breeds of rabbit are split into two main groups, the fancy type and the fur types. The venture was long and challenging but ultimately, rewarding as the breed was recognized by the ARBA in 1979. Angora: This breed has particularly long hair, up to 5in/12cm, needs constant grooming and is very high maintenance.We would not recommend this breed a good pet. They are usually either blue, black. Learn about Large Rabbit Breeds. American: Weight: 9 - 12 pounds. The profit of rabbit farming depends on the selection of proper rabbit breeds, care and well management.

The Mini Rex can grow up to 4.5 pounds in weight. Belgian Hare: A large rabbit with some similar characteristics to a Hare.It has long everything! However, they are more high-maintenance and require consistent, daily care. Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits, 4th Edition: Breeds… Lionhead Rabbit The Lionhead Rabbit is an increasingly popular breed which can be identified by an outstanding and unique mane of fur around their neck, resembling that of a lion’s mane, henceforth being how the breed name was established. Today the Holland Lop is one of the top five most popular breeds in the ARBA. Rabbit farming business is very profitable. There are over 50 breeds of rabbit and over 500 varieties. Another breed unsuitable as a pet as it is very large. Its compact size paired with the large head and lopped ears makes it a beautiful addition to the …

Here is a list of the most popular pet rabbit breeds, all of these breeds are perfectly suitable as pets for children! But selecting the suitable rabbit breeds is most important.

Fancy Breeds. Mini rabbit breeds generally are smaller versions of large rabbit breeds. Whereas some of the most popular large breeds are the Giant Angora and the Flemish Giant. 25 Best Rabbit Breeds.

Mini Rex: The mini rex is the smaller version of the Rex, which is a European breed renowned for its plush, short coat. Here are some of the popular mini rabbit breeds in the US. Brown or lilac in colour and gets to around 1 to 1 ½ inches long and is soft, dense and glossy. Anyone can start a rabbit farming business with little investment and capital. There are currently 49 rabbit breeds recognised by the ARBA, and even more unofficial bunny breeds. For instance, some rabbit breeds love to cuddle, while some tend to hop away when you try to handle them. There are many breeds available around the world. They vary greatly in size, colour and coat. In addition, different breeds come with different physical characteristics, personality traits, and care needs. There are many breeds of rabbit that are larger than the average pet bunny. Breeds.

Body Type: Slate blue or white. These range in size from the German Lop at around 3-4kg to the British Giant, which can weigh in at over 8kg! As of 2017, there were at least 305 breeds of domestic rabbit in 70 countries around the … Some small breeds include the Netherland Dwarf and the Jersey Wooly. They grow up to 9 pounds in weight and have short velvety fur. This rabbit has well-rounded hindquarters, narrow shoulders, and long erect ears.

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