No one knew, except you and him. ", the popular volleyball anime and manga series, comes an updated version of Nendoroid Tobio Kageyama wearing his sports jersey! He comes with a smiling Read Lust - Kageyama Tobio (Lemon) from the story Haikyuu x Reader by pervertedoughnut (Mín Hái Yūn) with 6,955 reads. This isn’t a screencap but it’s official art so that counts and he’s smirking ok 4 years ago 57 / reblog (kageyama tobio) “ a photographer in his spare time, kageyama can’t quite find the passion he once had for the art. OVA, so I DO NOT own it. Some might argue that since he was an athlete, he should be able to dance just fine.

- Kageyama Tobio x Reader Read Kageyama Tobio x Reader from the story Kuroko no basket and Haikyuu one shots! Kageyama Tobio could not dance to save his life. Again, maily uploaded … +tobio kageyama +kageyama tobio +smiles +hq!!

As such, no one expected the phone call that would change it all. This causes Hinata, his manager, quite a bit of headache. Watch as Kageyama battles with biology and instincts as he struggles to keep his identity under wraps. Tobio Kageyama x Male reader - Rather be Key: (E/c) – Eye colour (H/c) – Hair colour (M/n) – Male name Hope you enjoy! A Nendoroid of Kageyama wearing his sports jersey! by Kurokonotrash (Rosemary) with 1,422 reads. Tobio (飛雄) significa "Hombre que vuela" y Kageyama (影山) "Montaña de la sombra" Su comida favorita es el Curry de cerdo con un huevo en la parte superior. Kageyama Tobio was born into an all alpha family and was virtually destined to be one. After all, dancing required being light on your feet, just like volleyball. oneshots, haikyu, haikyuuones... Mystoruis Anime awe. You were always at his volleyball games, cheering him on from the stands. Follow/Fav Of Kageyama and Smiles By: tentacleboye A oneshot drabble of Kageyama smiling (or trying to) in a photoshoot. From 'Haikyu!! reader, haikyuuxreader, kageyama. He comes with a smiling expression filled with confidence, and the unique way that he wears his jersey has been faithfully preserved on the Nendoroid. +haikyuu!! Su bebida favorita es la leche. Modelling AU for Kuro on tumblr, no pairings. ', the popular volleyball anime and manga series, comes an updated version of Nendoroid Tobio Kageyama wearing his sports jersey! From "Haikyu!!

until he meets you at a wedding, that is. … He sounds just as beautiful as he looks ♥ This footage is from Haikyuu!! A Nendoroid of Kageyama wearing his sports jersey!

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