Spring til navigation Spring til søgning. JFK: Reloaded je hra skotského studia Traffic Games. Pelin kehittäjät sanoivat tarkoituksenaan olleen "tuoda historia eloon" ja auttaa todistamaan Warrenin komission löydöt.

3 The player is then scored on how closely one s version of the assassination matches the report of the Warren Commission: first shot missed, second hit JFK s neck and third on the head. JFK Reloaded (aka John F. Kennedy Assassination), a really nice simulation game sold in 2004 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! The opportunity to cause mass mayhem instead is just a bonus. JFK Reloaded is a "historical simulation" video game, designed to recreate the John F. Kennedy assassination. JFK: Reloaded is a (n infamous) free, standalone game built around a single mission. JFK: Reloaded on "historiallinen simulaattori", videopeli, joka on rakennettu muistuttamaan John F. Kennedyn salamurhaa.Se julkistettiin 22. marraskuuta 2004 (tapahtuman 41. vuosipäivänä). JFK: Reloaded is a controversial 2004 first-person shooter that challenges the player to recreate the assassination of John F. Kennedy, scoring on how closely the attempt matches the report of the Warren Commission. It is noted for its controversial subject matter, and was released November 22, 2004 (the 41st anniversary of the event) by Scotland-based Traffic Games. Ve hře jde o to co nejvěrněji napodobit atentát na amerického prezidenta Johna F. Kennedyho.Mnoho lidi hru považuje hru za kontroverzní, samozřejmě i rodina Kennedyových.

JFK: Reloaded puts the player in the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was found by five U.S. government investigations to have been Kennedy s assassin. Traffic Games na svou obhajobu tvrdí, že hra je naučná a že nemají nic proti rodině Kennedyových.

The game's developers insisted their intentions were to "bring history to life", and help prove the Warren Commission's findings.

This list may not reflect recent changes (). JFK Reloaded is far from a trivialisation of the events of November 22nd 1963, and to describe it as a "game" is stretching an already abused word too far. Because it's just one mission there's a lot of detail, and the player can cause a lot of havoc by shooting out tires, shooting pedestrians, shooting the driver of any car, or pretty much anything else within range. JFK Reloaded is a "historical simulation" video game, designed to recreate the John F. Kennedy assassination. Pages in category "2004 controversies" The following 13 pages are in this category, out of 13 total.

Rather, it is a complex ballistics simulator, designed to teach the "player" one thing: The official explanation of Kennedy's assassination is, if not physically impossible, so hard to reproduce as to be practically impossible.

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