1 A soft, sweet frozen food made with milk and cream and typically flavoured with vanilla, fruit, or other ingredients. How to use ice-cream in a sentence. His cart might be a flower bed, The ice is too thin to skate on. All the ice-cream rhymes are written using very simple and easy rhyming words for the easy learning purpose of the kids. Ice-cream definition is - of a color similar to that of vanilla ice cream. Translate ice cream into Spanish. "Ice" The ice has melted. Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg. Two ice creams, please. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … Rhymes on Ice Cream. 28 sentence examples: 1. Go through the examples and make sure you understand the corrections. 3.

to have the sense 'The ice cream was so [ie really, sooo] good./!He ate all of it./!' Watch my reported speech video: Here's how it works: We use a 'reporting verb' like 'say' or 'tell'. {I've adjusted tenses for better balance.} Beneath his round umbrella, Oh, what a joyful sight, To see him fill the cones with mounds Of cooling brown and white: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Or chilly things to drink From bottles full of frosty-fizz, Green, orange, white, or pink. We just put 'she says' and then the sentence: Direct speech: I like ice cream. Save me some ice cream. Translate ice cream into Spanish. The Ice-cream Man with his little cart Goes trundling down the street. There are ice cream flavors that are very similar, such as French vanilla, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, chocolate chip, and strawberry cheesecake. Reported speech: She says (that) she likes ice cream. ice example sentences. Some ice cream is made with carrageenan, a gum found in seaweed so that it is not sticky and easily eatable.Nowadays, ice cream comes with different flavors,shapes, colours and textures. Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg. Meaning: a sweet frozen food made from milk Example sentence: I was bored so I ate a whole tub of ice cream, and then I felt sick as well! 5 points 5 lines about ice cream Ask for details ; Follow Report by Suryateja78 21.09.2018 Log in to add a comment Answers YashasviGarhwal Ambitious; 1.Traditionally, the three most common flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. I like ice-cream. 1 A soft, sweet frozen food made with milk and cream and typically flavoured with vanilla, fruit, or other ingredients. When ice melts, it becomes water. I didn’t even know how fast I finished the cone until I snapped back into reality from the squeaking of the wheels of the Ice- cream cart. The wind is blowing from the west.

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