Age of maturity: 18 – 24 months . When fleeing, the tufted deer holds its tail up revealing the white underside, much like the white-tailed deer. Species: cephalophus. With the help of over 7,000 of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers and photographers, conservationists and scientists, featured multi-media fact-files for more than 16,000 endangered species. When a deer eats, food is chewed just enough to swallow. Tufted deer live in forested regions at high altitudes (between about 300 and 4600 meters above sea level), and in rain forests in high-altitude valleys. Gestation: 180 days . Genus: Elaphodus. The tufted deer is a crepuscular animal, most active at dawn and dusk. Tufted deer are territorial, and rarely leave their home range, which is criss-crossed by a network of trails. Deer survive on leaves, grass blades, and other plant parts. What strange adaptation dose the tufted deer have? Weight: 37 – 110 lb. So how can they use this as food? Tufted deer are a species of small mammal, native to the mountainous forests of southern to central parts of China in Asia, and they are also thought to exist in northern parts of Myanmar. They are mostly most active during dawn and dusk. It is a close relative of the muntjac, living somewhat further north over a wide area of central China northeastern Myanmar.Suffering from overhunting and habitat loss, this deer is considered near-threatened. Tufted deer also prefer salt licks to be available in their environment. Males have sharp canines that protrude as fangs. Taxonomy key all of the animals are part of the eukarya domain they are all organisms that have a nucleus and that is why they are in the same domain as the tufted dear This Kingdom does not contain prokaryotes Most ingest food and digest it in an internal cavity.

They use their white tail to signal alarm, like many other species of deer. Plants and animals all need beneficial conditions in order to survive.

Unfortunately, this adaptation has left them vulnerable when running, as their fragile legs do not offer much speed when they find themselves in a position of prey. Life span: 15 years. Their habitat is always near water. Tufted Deer Tufted Deer. Young deer reach maturity at 1 – 2 years age. Their habitat is … Most deer do not possess this unique adaptation. Question: What do tufted deer eat? The male tufted deer of China has fangs literally hanging from its mouth that typically are used in mating fights with other males, providing it a direct line to reproduction. Animal Adaptations: All animals have adaptations that help them survive in their environment. Wildscreen's Arkive project was launched in 2003 and grew to become the world's biggest encyclopaedia of life on Earth. Depending on the type and abundance of food, the deer can fill its stomach in about one or two hours. Western Tufted Deer Fact Sheet. The lifespan in captivity is 15 years. Animal cells It inhabits mountainous terrain with good cover (Sheng et al., 1992). The camel has several adaptations to help it survive in its environment. The deer are able to jump over 10 feet high and 30 feet in length in one jump. The scientific name of the tufted deer is Elaphodus cephalophus and it is from the family Cervidae, the family of deer. The gerenuks stand tall on their back legs and eat of the acacia trees while they support themselves with the front legs. Tufted deer are solitary animals but they do live in small groups. This is the first chewing. In recent decades, the wild populations of tufted deer have declined sharply because of overhunting by locals for meat and leather and habitat degradation (Zhang & … White-tailed deer are the most numerous deer … Size: 3.6 – 5.3 ft long with a shoulder height of 1.6 – 2.3 ft. As deer begin to feed in the pasture, they eat very fast.
The breeding season of tufted deer occurs in September and December. The tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus) is a small species of deer characterized by a prominent tuft of black hair on its forehead and fang-like canines for the males.

Class: Mammalia . Deer have many predators, so their adaptations are largely related to early detection, running away and defending themselves with strong hind legs when cornered. The Digestive System of A Deer Classification Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla ... How does this happen? They eat vegetation, such as grasses, leaves, twigs and fruits, both browsing and grazing.

Size at birth: 3 lb. According to, deer such as the White-tailed Deer have top speeds of 30 miles per hour. Actually the deer can’t either. They are solitary, or found in bonded pairs, and travel along fixed routes in their territory.
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