Here are our top tips for describing a photo or a picture in an exam. Instructions . Do: Look at your picture carefully and take a few moments to think before you start talking. What is where? After this, you have the opportunity to use them in a variety of ways. Introduction . It's a black-and-white/coloured photo. It is difficult to think of all possible relevant keywords. Below that, there is a study of some useful phrases for describing pictures. Hopefully you came up with three words to describe your own work or style in art. It’s also a good way to practise your general English skills. For example you could use these words as the building blocks for any of the following: First I'll tell you how to identify good keywords, useful for internet search engines. 2.

Take an interesting picture, and try to describe it in English. In some speaking exams you have to talk about photos or pictures. 1. The video and tips below will help you to do really well in this type of speaking exam.

Tips and Example how to describe pictures in English. Artists have to do some self advocating and often are expected to explain their work at some time or another. A strong geometrical shape is the key to good composition in graphic design and film and photo composition. Advertisements. To describe them, you must think beyond straight or curved, red or orange, light or dark, round or square, striped or polka dot, shallow or deep, and small or large. Menu. Describing pictures in English. If you ever do an English examination, you will need to learn how to describe a picture for your speaking exam, so here is an example of how to do it. You can practise your speaking and learn some new English vocabulary !

Describing a picture is useful in many English exams; you need to describe a picture in English for exams like FCE, TOEIC or PTE. As you know, the visual characteristics of artwork are lines, colors, values, shapes, textures, space, and movement. Describe a photo or picture.

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