It IRUNGUNS is pleased to bring in the HK G36 22LR …
Manufactured exclusively by Walther as the only genuine HK tactical rimfire replica available, the H&K MP5SD .22LR Semiautomatic Tactical Rimfire Rifle is a must-have for tactical-gun enthusiasts. 10-04-2017, 04:16 PM. Used as an infantry weapon in a large number of countries, special forces and security forces also rely on its constant reliability. ... Heckler & Koch HK .15g Red Airsoft BBs 5,000 quantity : Elite Force - Umarex. Essential components of the G36 are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic.

$750 H&K SFP9 With Belt, Holster, 3 Mags and 2 Mag Holder Well, it is a Hecker & Koch G36, in .22LR. Optimal in der Handhabung, im Gewicht und der Feuerdichte im Nahkampf sowie für ein schnelles, präzises und durchschlagskräftiges Einzelfeuer im Fernkampf. The 22 rimfire, military look-a-like shooter is well catered for these days, with guns as diverse as the German MP40 SMG up to the latest Beretta ARX 160 and everything in between!But it’s to Carl Walther we look to this month who make the Colt Tactical, Uzi and Heckler & Koch 22 rimfire clones; to this they have added the German Army’s current battle rifle the Hk G36. The G36 is the current assault rifle of the German Armed Forces. Need Help Filtering. Walther produces the HK G36 under license from HK so all licensed HK trademarks are applied to the rifle.

Nope, I think you are right. The G36 can be stripped and re-assembled without tools through a system of cross-pins similar to that used on earlier HK designs. Used as an infantry weapon in a large number of countries, special forces and security forces also rely on its constant reliability. Printable View. Add to Cart. The G36 gas system uses a piston to drive an operating rod to control the function of the bolt, preventing propellant gases and the associated carbon fouling from entering the weapon’s interior. Couldnt find a carry handle optic and HKparts doesnt ship up here. The G36 uses an HK-proprietary operating system found on several current Heckler & Koch arms, including the HK416. is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from HK.
FN 5.7x28 Pistol, 20 Round Mag.

HK don't export the actual G36 or "real" variants of it for civilian markets. This version of the MP5 submachine gun includes SD-style forearm, integral compensator, faux suppressor and retractable stock.

If I could find a semi auto G36C I'd have to save up money for years to buy one lol. Some of their more notable products include the MP5, UMP submachine guns, the G3, HK417 battle rifles, the HK33, G36, HK416 and MR556A1 assault rifles, the MG5, HK21 General-purpose machine guns, the MP7 personal defense weapon, the USP series of handguns, and the high-precision PSG1 sniper rifle. The barrel assembly consists of the gas block and a collar with a bayonet lug. Price Match (15) Heckler & Koch H&K P30SK/VP9SK 9mm 15 rd Black Finish $ 39.00.

Optimally suited for use in cramped areas. The G36 uses an HK-proprietary operating system found on several current Heckler & Koch arms, including the HK416. Germany Tel +49 (0)7423 79-0 | Fax +49 (0)7423 79-2350 1 in stock . So rare and expensive because HK won't sell that rifle to the civilian market. ... MAG HK SP5K 9MM 10RD BLK $ 65.00. Umarex which may be mentioned in connection to the G36 line is the Parent company to Walther arms. HECKLER & KOCH Group. Military and Federal Law Enforcement Sales 19980 Highland Vista Drive, Suite 190 Ashburn, Virginia 20147 USA Tel +1 (703) 450-1900 | Fax +1 (703) 450-8160 Heckler & Koch - The foundation for everything we do is an unswerving commitment to excellence. Accessories Sport. First post, we just got these coming in up in Canada and I have one on order. Maximize your "milsim" experience with our 5-pack of HK G36 mid-capacity magazines. It looks a bit goofy though. However, this particular model is not made by H&K (as H&K doesn’t currently make any .22 LR firearms) but is instead made by Walther, under license. Unfortunately it seems HK parts are few and far between up here! Accessories.

Carl Walther GmbH. Browse HK handguns and rifles for sale at Enhanced mobility. G36 | Unrestricted speed and mobility Created for the requirements of the German armed forces, the G36 continues to set the standard in the field of assault rifles.

G36. HK G36 HK XM8 Gewicht (leer) 4,38 kg 3,77 kg 3,8 kg 3,63 kg 2,7 kg Zielhilfen (Standard) offene Visierung: offene Visierung Einfach-Zielfernrohr: Reflexvisier Dreifach-Zielfernrohr Reflexvisier Laserzielhilfe (optisch/IR) Kaliber 7,62 × 51 mm NATO: 5,56 × 45 mm NATO 4,73 × 33 mm 5,56 × 45 mm NATO 5,56 × 45 mm NATO Magazinfüllung 20 30 45 (15) 30: 30: Anzahl Magazine 1 + 4 1 + 7 2 + 28: 1 Military and Federal Law … HK don't export the actual G36 or "real" variants of it for civilian markets.

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