Then, go and put fodder in the feed boxs. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for PlayStation 2 game reviews & Metacritic score: Perhaps best described as a "Life Simulation," Save the Homeland's object is to successfully save the village from being turned into a resort. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Hints. That's The Villager Birthdays, Likes and Dislikes Gifts in Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland. When you place these foods in the bowl, they immediately turn into doggie mush. I will update this page if there is any wrong information. Each morning you will notice that the food is … Need help?

read: All Cooking Recipes - Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Guide and Walkthrough After the upgrade, there will be a new door to the Kitchen. She has told me her whole story and I still gift. Ive tried all of sunmer and spring to make the event happen but nothing has worked. It has a more focused plot and goal than Back to Nature and HM64. There are new goods, like a refrigerator to store fresh ingredients and some cooking utensils like Frying Pan, Pot, and Oven. Instead of just trying to save your farm and restore it back to the way it was type of deal, this time around you have to save the entire island. After a while, you will notice the dog appearing at your farm more and more. Save The Homeland. Spring 1st is your birthday. I can't get Dia to show to my house or my dog to find it the gates to progress. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Dog The Dog in most Harvest Moon games is usually given to you right off the bat, but not in this game. First, do part time work for Bob. Free Fodder. Keep trying to pick up the dog (X). No people hav.., Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Questions and answers, PlayStation 2

I think this HM was publish in 2004 ... And I bought it at the same year, in a cute little store in … At some point, he will let you pick him up, and he will be yours! In Save the Homeland you must win your dog's affection. PS2 | Submitted by Fodder Taker. All The Harvest Moon Stuff posts may not be placed on any website or distributed without any permission from BaliTidBits. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland is an engaging, long-lasting experience, and it may just be some of the most fun you can have on a lazy weekend afternoon.
Go Back to main page of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Cheats, Tips & Secrets Console: Playstation 2 Japan Release: July 2001 N.America Release: November 2001 Ps4 Re-release: May 9, 2017 Introduction: Save the Homeland is much different than any other Harvest Moon game that has been released.
I put food in the dish everyday and no dogs. Similar to these games, you inherit your grandpa's farm and you are … Unlike Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, your birthday has been chosen from the beginning. If you want to copy any post from The Harvest Moon Stuff to any site, e-mail first. I been everywhere for two seasons or longer and never once seen another dog. ... Save the Homeland - Feed the Hungry Ending Help!!!!! Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. Dec 12, 2001 6:03pm Player Reviews Okay, the first post is about Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland. To do this start out by putting some food in the Dog Food Dish outside of your house. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland essentially acts as the bridge between the classic and modern Harvest Moon games. If you notice any post from The Harvest Moon Stuff in any other site, please tell me. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland. My dog died.

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