How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy Without a Second Guinea Pig. The coughing, chocking and sneezing sounds in guinea pigs can happen for several reasons; some of them are nothing to worry about, because, like sneezing, some coughing is considered normal in guinea pigs. this is 1 happy guinea pig. Guinea pig sounds are surprisingly diverse and worth some time and attention to increase your understanding and help you to make the most of your relationship with these adorable creatures. Do you think these are happy sounds and that she likes me? Balanced diet. However, if coughing is accompanied with other respiratory problems, or other symptoms of illnesses, or is extremely frequent, then you should take your guinea pig to the vet. Check out this app to hear real guinea pig sounds, and see if you can tell them apart!

My guinea pig squeaks when I pet her and it sounds happy. Just like other animals, your Guinea Pig will show signs of being unhappy and disinterested if they are eating the wrong combination of food or don’t get exercise. Rumble A rumble, which sounds like a purring sound, happens usually when a male piggy is romancing another guinea pig.

Wheek!” You’ll hear this when your guinea pig is hungry, wanting some fresh food.

When I put her on my chest she likes to sit near my neck/face. Squeaks and Nibbles’ guinea pigs make these noises a lot. You can see and hear them here:

Title: Guinea Pig Uploaded: 8.1.16 License: Attribution 3.0 Recorded by Daniel Simon File Size: 4.9 MB Downloads: 46941 Download free Guinea Pig sounds to use in your video projects.

She will stretch out when I pet her as well and squeak.
could also be used as hamster or other pet rodent. While it's best to have more than one guinea pig in your home at a time, this is not always possible.

A healthy appetite is a sign that your Guinea Pig is happy . If they come up and greet you or get excited and run around, it means they have the energy to do so.

made available for personal non-commercial projects. If your guinea pig expresses excitement about food and eats well (but not to excess), this is a good indication that they are happy! A rumble sounds deeper than a purr with a vibrating effect. About: Guinea pig making squeaking noises. If you have a commercial and professional project it would be wise to license professional sound effects.
Hungry Pig; Lonely Pig; Happy Pig; Curious Pig; Angry Pig; Keep Away; Ooh Lah Lah; Stressed Pig; Chirping Pig Free Guinea Pig sound effects. The noises your guinea pig can make can be very alarming at first as it will be unclear as to why they are making the sounds they make. Some guineas will chirp when they are very happy and content. With no two-way communication possible, it is very useful to have a basic comprehension of the noises your pet guinea pig may make. They need strict meal plans to keep their digestive system happy. Guinea Pigs graze almost constantly.

How To Make A Guinea Pig Happy 1. Often referred to as a ‘wheek’, their squeak is very clearly expressed when they are content, happy or want something, especially food! Ever wonder what your Guinea Pig is saying?

While making this sound a guinea pig will sway their hips and walk around another guinea pig. Like some other animals, such as cats, guinea pigs can start to purr when they are feeling happy and relaxed. Here are 5 tell-tail signs that your guinea pig is happy!

Try to see if you can match these sounds to the sounds your Guinea Pig makes!! Chutting is another happy guinea pig sound. Especially when they are enjoying tasty snacks on the lawn. Your cavie is “wheeking” as he asks for food.

This sound is often heard when a guinea pig is happy or relaxed, especially when the animal is exploring a safe new environment. Guinea pigs are social animals that naturally live in groups. These sounds do not come with a license for commercial use. On the other hand, any pet or person that shows signs of extreme sluggishness means that they may be showing signs of unhealthiness and depression. 1. Guinea pigs are social animals so use sounds, such as chutting and chattering, to communicate with one another. From time to time an active guinea pig means that they’re lively and happy. When I put her on the table she cuddles up to my chest. A female can also make this sound if she is in season.

It sounds like a whistle. If you hear what sounds like a bird singing, go look and see if your guinea pig is chirping -- his lips will move in and out. It’s described as a series of short guinea pig sounds emitted in rapid succession.

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