My BAZOOKA 빛나지 반짝 반짝 Oh All night Oh my 별들이 쏟아져와. I’ll embrace you (Watch me! With the Bass Get ya, get ya I’ll infuse life into you more. All night! All night! My BAZOOKA! The stars are falling. Cancel Unsubscribe. Play, BAZOOKA! It’s shining twinkle, twinkle Oh! Lyrics. Lyrics: Woo (Play, BAZOOKA!) Woo Play BAZOOKA Woo. Play BAZOOKA Bass로 Get ya get ya 숨을 더 불어줄게. Those stars Boom, Boom, Boom Get closer Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Aim it, Fire, … Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 163K.

All Rights Administered by Kiwi Pop, MILES Artist: GWSN (공원소녀) Track: BAZOOKA! / Woo / 아침이 오면 Beep-beep / 꼭 똑같은 Melody / 어제와 같은 비슷한 감정 / 휩싸여 휩싸여 / 쉿, 쉿, skip 또 넘어가야지 / 아득했던 꿈에서 나와 / Wake up, wake up / 언젠가부터 흔들리는 my space / 하지만 난 my pace (I’ll watch over you, watch over you) Worries are fake, fake Oh! My, BAZOOKA!

Look BAZOOKA 우리는 반짝 반짝 난 아마 아마 금방 다 털어 낼 걸.

(Line Distribution + Lyrics) 공원소녀 random_k. eonjengabuteo heundeullineun My space hajiman nan My pace Don’t shoot Stop it now achimi omyeon Beep-beep kkok ttokgateun Melody eojewa gateun biseushan gamjeong hwipssayeo hwipssayeo. Oh my! Oh my! 공원소녀 (GWSN) – Bazooka! Romanization. Play, BAZOOKA! swit swit skip tto neomeogayaji adeukhaessdeon kkumeseo nawa Wake-up Wake-up. Look, BAZOOKA! My BAZOOKA 우주는 번쩍 번쩍 별들이 터지네 I got the G-021. BAZOOKA! Loading... Unsubscribe from random_k? The universe goes boom, boom It’s exploding I got the “G-021” My, BAZOOKA!

Watch me!) We twinkle, twinkle I, maybe, maybe (maybe-) will get over it soon. GWSN - BAZOOKA!

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