Sloths are the slowest moving mammals, who spend their life moving from one tree to another. Paleontologists have identified an amazing variety of fossils of at least 23 different kinds and sizes of prehistoric sloths. Sloths, members of the order Pilosa and related to anteaters, are some of the world’s slowest mammals. They ranged in size from about 4 feet long to over 20 ft. long. Life cycle of a sloth; the population of sloth's; sloth facts; sloth's habitat; The Ground Sloth ( Lost Species ) Three-toed sloth; Two-toed sloth; Sloth gallery; sloths have a gestation of 10-12 months. The distinct features in these two sloth species is that the former has two toes and the latter has three toes. Sloths belong either to the Megalonychidae or the Bradypodidae family. They are categorized in two families: Megalonychidae (two-toed sloths) and Bradypodidae (three-toed sloths). For this article we will focus on the largest species, Megatherium. Despite this taxonomic distinction, all sloths have similar life cycles.

There were many different species of giant sloths in the family, and at least 21 different genuses of giant sloths.. Learn all about the life-cycle of a sloth, from the following article. Salvador, a life-size replica of the extinct Giant Ground Sloth, greets visitors entering the Sloth Sanctuary. The giant ground sloth is a species of extinct mammals in the Megatheriidae family.

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