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Surveys may be undertaken by day or night. Call: soft repetitive croak. 1.2 Species Ecology The giant barred frog is a large (up to 120 mm) ground dwelling Myobatrachid frog …

References 14-1 CHAPTER 14 - REFERENCES Six Mile Creek Dam Safety Upgrade Project Seqwater 25 January 2019 14 References HAZARD AND RISK Australian National Committee on Large Dams Inc., 2003, Guidelines on Dam Safety Management. These purposes include determining the presence or support for a negative finding for a particular species or its local status.

The Forest Protection Survey Program (FPSP) aims to protect animals and plants that are either threatened or of high conservation value where they occur in areas (or ‘coupes’) of State forests that are scheduled to be harvested.

Table 1 of this Report identifies transect locations and length details.  All survey events will occur during periods suited to frog activity i.e.
Queensland …

Broadfoot, 2004, Upstream passage of Queensland lungfish at Ned Churchward Weir Fishlock.

The giant burrowing frog occurs in areas of native vegetation (Penman et al., 2004) and can be found in heath, woodland and open dry sclerophyll forest on a variety of soils, except clay- based soils (OEH, 2012).

Site access permission could not be obtained for the Barkhut Dam site. Survey and Monitoring Protocols and Guidelines The protocols and guidelines available here are from various sources and are recommended as tested and reviewed methods for their intended purposes. In this region the Giant Barred Frog - NSW North Coast is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes.

national environmental significance, specifically the Giant Barred Frog and the Green and Golden Bell Frog. Click on a name to get background information about it. Assessment and survey of suitable habitat along Channel 10, Barron Box Swamp and persistent sections of Mirrool Creek were pursued to expand our spatial coverage of the WWID and to assess potential offset sites (Channel 10 will not be decommissioned and therefore any occupied habitat associated with this channel could be targeted for offsetting actions). A dark ‘mask’ behind the eye. Version 1.0 Prepared by: N. Clemann, M. Scroggie and L. Lumsden 4 commonly used to detect other species of frogs do not apply well to the Giant Burrowing Frog, and alternative methods are required (Penman et al. Conservation status in NSW: Endangered.

Scientific name : Mixophyes iteratus. Table 2 outlines Giant Barred Frog detections at each transect during each survey series. at night and during a period of warm weather and preferably following/during rain.

Silt sedimentation of water bodies may impact the tadpoles in two ways; Coating the surface of submerged organic debris may reduce access to this food resource, and filling of deeper pools by silt sediments reduces available dry season habitat for the slow-growing tadpoles. Usually a shade of olive-green or brown (although can be yellow, pink, red, lime-green, cream or black).

Frogs Common Frog. MNES Berghuis, A.P. These survey guidelines are intended to provide a guide for stakeholders on the effort and methods considered appropriate when conducting a presence/absence survey for frogs listed as threatened under the EPBC Act. Surveys should be conducted under optimal weather conditions Approved Survey Standards: Giant Burrowing Frog Heleioporus australiacus Date: 2 May 2011. GeoLINK have been engaged by PACIFICO to undertake seasonal monitoring of two GBF management zones within the Project alignment.

Cover image: Common Frog /Silviu Petrovan Froglife is a registered charity in England & Wales (no.1093372) and in Scotland (no.

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