Feodor married a second time to Marfa Matveyevna Apraksin on February 24, 1682, but the marriage was childless. This short article about a … Feodor (Theodore) III Alexeevich of Russia was born on June 9, 1661, and died on May 7, 1682. Feodor III of Russia was the Tsar of all Russia between 1676 and 1682. Feodor III, Tsar of All Russia died on May 7, 1682, at the age of 20, childless and without making an order concerning the succession to the throne.

His death triggered the Streltsy Uprising of 1682, a struggle for the succession between the families of the two wives of Feodor’s father Alexei I.

Fyodor III, tsar of Russia (reigned 1676–82) who fostered the development of Western culture in Russia, thereby making it easier for his successor, Peter I the Great (reigned 1682–1725), to enact widespread reforms based on Western models. Fyodor was born in Moscow, the eldest surviving son of Tsar Alexis and Maria Miloslavskaya. He was the Tsar of all Russia between 1676 and 1682 . In 1676, at the age of fifteen, he succeeded his father on the throne. 56 History of the Russian state in the image of its sovereign rulers - fragment.jpg 700 × 440; 241 KB Media in category "Feodor III of Russia" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. He was endowed w The eldest son of Alexis (reigned 1645–76), Fyodor not o A little more than two months after his second wedding, Feodor III, Tsar of All Russia died on May 7, 1682, at the age of 20, childless and without making an …

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