The Best Place to see an Eastern Indigo Snake Is the Everglades . The longest ever recorded was 9.2 feet. Asked in Reptiles , Snakes , Colors 2014. Robust and alert, the Eastern Indigo Snake averages 5-6 feet in length, with a record of 8 feet, 5 inches. Eastern Indigo - Endangered Species Status: Threatened . Herpetological Review 43: 343 ; Bauder, Javan M. and Patrick Barnhart.

Most indigo snakes have smooth scales, although adults do have keels (ridges) on the front of some of their scales (Florida Natural Areas Inventory 2001). Go Back to Florida's Snakes - All Regions  Eastern indigo snakes are one of more than 200 species that inhabit tortoise burrows. Feeding Ecology & Diet. The eastern indigo snake overpowers its often larger prey with muscular jaws, consuming them head first. Map by Monica E. McGarrity - may be used freely for education. Eastern Indigo Snake The species, being the longest native snake of the United States of America, has the ability to digest the venom of rattlesnakes. The Eastern Indigo Snake is among the longest of all North American snakes; in the USA, only the Bullsnake, Pituophis catenifer sayi, regularly rivals it in size. Its chin, cheek, and throat are mostly red or brown, but can also be white or black. Factors affecting the accuracy and precision of triangulated radio telemetry location of eastern indigo snakes (Drymarchon couperi). Diet: Frogs, lizards, snakes (including venomous species), small turtles and turtle eggs, birds, rats. Download Citation | Drymarchon couperi Diet | Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) predation of exotic Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus) observation in southwest Florida. The eastern indigo snake ’s genus name ‘ Drymarchon ’ means lords of the forest in Greek while the scientific name has been given after James Hamilton Couper, an American planter. The decline of the eastern indigo snake mirrors the loss of mature long-leaf and pine forests in the South of the US.

Eastern brown snakes primarily feed on frogs, bird … It has been observed that the Indigo snake appears to be immune to the poison of venomous snakes. The Eastern indigo snake is a non-venomous, bluish-black colored snake that can reach lengths of eight feet (2.4 meters). Surviving stands of forest have also been degraded by suppression of fire or by logging. The Eastern Indigo Snake is a large nonpoisonous, stout bodied snake averaging six to seven feet in length. In recent decades, agricultural and residential development have deforested millions of acres. If conservationists work to recover the population of gopher tortoises, which are currently considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there would likely be a similarly healthy population of eastern indigo snakes in that area. The longest ever recorded was 9.2 feet. Herpetological Review 45 (4): 590-597 - get paper here When provoked, they will raise their heads but may avoid confrontation if possible. The glossy, blue-black coloration is unique to this species. The largest individual recorded was eight-and-a-half-feet. In the northern parts of the range (i.e., southern Georgia and northern Florida, including the Panhandle region) Eastern Indigo Snakes rely on Gopher Tortoise ( Gopherus polyphemus) burrows for cool-season dens, and are restricted to sandy, Longleaf Pine habitats. On average, an eastern indigo snake measures just under seven and a half feet. Drymarchon couperi (eastern indigo snake) juvenile observations. Eastern brown snake will remain active during the day.

The indigo snake has a diet of lizards, tortoises, mammals, frogs, birds, and other venomous snakes. It is thought to move extremely fast and is highly aggressive. The Indigo Snake is smooth scaled and uniform glossy blue-black throughout its body except for some reddish orange or cream color suffusion on its throat, cheeks and chin.

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