Q2.46. Dog Tallow. I do not think it is always the same but on one occasion I found four rings, some gold and a couple of jars of dog tallow. / Gather fool's parsley.

So im killing wolves by the bushel and gotten 1 dog fallow for grave guys quest.I cant kill actual dogs and wolves dont drop it (like I said, got 1 so far)so what am I doing wrong?This must be a new quest as its not in any of the walkthroughs Ive looked up cause im stuck and cant do it.Any help would be appreciated Bring the Gravedigger (M8.36) 6 jars of dog lard to get 100 orens. You need: dog tallow x 1; wolf's liver x 1… / Acquire wolf's liver. In the basement of the Salamandra hideout is a trunk with some good loot in it. You must collect four ingredients - 1 dog tallow, 1 wolf's liver, 2 fool's parsley and 3 wolfsbanes.

They're pretty much an infinite source, since you find dogs in the city all the time. Inside you'll find the larval forms of Zerrikanian Tsetse flies-which you may have heard about if you shared some food with the Gardener outside at some point. Obtaining all ingredients is pretty easy.

Fool's parsley and wolfsbane can be found by searching for white and blue interactive plants. This is a guide on the enemy Dog in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Fixed an issue where Ciri is unable to create cursed oil due to "Dog Tallow" not dropping from wolves. :) Dogs drop "Dog tallow", which is a top-quality grease(5 ingredient slots).

The encounter with Radovid at the end of the quest also updates All the King's Men. After obtaining the Recipe and the required ingredients, Geralt can create Alchemy Ingredients himself from the Alchemy tab in the menu.. Related Links In recent patches, you can however attack the dogs even in broad daylight.

This prompts Shani to go for the last resort-opening the skull. Phase 1. How to Make Dog tallow. / Gather wolfsbane. Just attack'em in the Temple District at night, when the area is considered dangerous. Memory of a Blade is a quest in Chapter II which basically begins when Geralt, to win his freedom from the dungeon, agrees to kill the cockatrice in the sewers. There aren't many dogs in Vizima, but if you show some patience (hunt them during the night), you'll get enough lard for the Gravedigger. Payment. In these instances, a witcher may need to play dog catcher. For The Witcher 3 dog tallow ingredient, see Dog tallow. I want to complete the quest about getting Dog tallow for the gravedigger, but I don't want to kill the dogs, I have some in my inventory so I guess there should be a … It can be bought. Continue to move forward, killing three more wolves and searching them for … You will need the right ingredients to prepare the oil. You can sometimes find Dog Tallow when you loot corpses and containers, and some merchants will also sell it, and so you might be able to complete this contract without killing any dogs. If they do find me I … Spoiler: In the final episode, the Witcher tragically dies when he plummets 14 inches. Read on to find out where Dog is found, what its weaknesses are, what loot it drops, what level you should fight it at, and more. Usually, man's best friend is no target for a witcher's sword. The encounter with Radovid at the end of the quest also updates All the King's Men. For The Witcher 3 similarly named item, see Alchemy paste . Everyone knows what a dog is. Choose dialogue option #1 to dismiss the idea as being too obvious. In the beginning you have to watch out for wolves but for the majority of the game it's a slaughter with a bunch of useless dog tallow for your reward.

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