Dire Wraith - IDW Hasbro Wiki The ancient enemies of the Solstar Order, the Dire Wraiths are a race of parasitic alien shapeshifters bent on conquest. Trapped, hunted by Dire Wraiths, the astronauts find themselves wishing that help weren't over two-hundred thousand miles away. Picture Information. Joe Zombie-Vipers to mimic the Wraiths' nasty tendrils, though it doesn't come with the normal arms that the Zombie-Viper could swap those tentacles for. LOT SDCC COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE FIGURE REVOLUTION MASK ACTION MAN DIRE WRAITH JOE. $24.99 + $3.99 shipping . Details about LOT SDCC COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE FIGURE REVOLUTION MASK ACTION MAN DIRE WRAITH JOE. Item Information. The only thing powerful enough to oppose them is Rom the Spaceknight. Joe action figures, with a new head based on the IDW Dire Wraith design; it uses the tentacles from the G.I. A Wraith invasion of Earth is looming and only the most isolated men in human history stand in their way. SAN DIEGO, CA (July 25, 2019) – IDW Publishing is proud to debut Rom: Dire Wraiths, a three-part comic book miniseries about Earth’s incomparable heroes – the astronauts whose mission among the stars brought them face-to-face with the Dire Wraiths, the shape-shifting scourge of the universe! 1 viewed per hour. Released as part of a San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive set, the Dire Wraith is an action figure made up of redecoed parts from various G.I.

Dire Wraith 2017 SDCC Exclusive - From IDW Revolution 3.75" Figure. Seeking to conquer everything in their path, the Dire Wraiths wield powerful dark magicks and can take over the bodies of other creatures shapeshifting into their hosts.
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