Each state determines the requirements for animals entering from outside its borders. Please visit the animal import requirements database and choose the appropriate options to find out what is required before you bring your animal into Oregon.

Black-tailed deer are frequently seen in western Oregon along roadsides. Wildlife Rehabilitation. Oregon Exotic Pet Laws.

Special Permits or Licenses.

Under Oregon law (ORS 498.016), it is lawful for a member of the public to humanely dispatch a crippled or helpless animal, but OSP must be immediately notified. Some wild animals are legal to be kept in certain states, and Opossums are legal in virginia, I dont know where else, which is why Im asking. Like little rats.

The opossum is not native to California but was introduced in San Jose in 1910 from the east coast of the United States and has now become well established throughout much of the state.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) does not issue exotic animal permits. This is a specialty business, and regular pest control companies do not use the proper techniques to solve animal problems. Lion, tiger, monkey, bear.

This means that in Oregon you are legally …

Oregon recording law stipulates that it is a criminal offense to use any device to record or share an oral conversation without the consent of all contributing parties. The owner has a valid Oregon exotic animal permit obtained prior to 2010. To keep a captive opossum legally, you need a wildlife rehabilitation permit from your state. The course is not required of persons trapping on land owned or leased by that person, the person’s immediate family, or a person’s agent who is controlling damage to livestock or agricultural crops on that property. Breaking Down Exotic Animal Laws by State. Opossum's aren't native to Oregon, so they are probably illegal.

Breaking Down Exotic Animal Laws by State.

§§ 165.535, 165.540. Gauging the effects of coyote browsing might be important because both specialized nuisance … Examples of Prohibited Animals. State Statutes. Some of Oregon's larger mammals, such as deer and elk can easily be seen at places like Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area, Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area, and the North Bank Habitat Management Area.


SE, Salem, OR 97302 Email: Email the ODFW Oregon Hunting Licenses: Buy a License Coyote Hunting Oregon Laws & Regulations.

An exception is made if a person authorized to enforce wildlife laws (e.g.

Home More advice Pets & Animals I've researched these animals for like two years, and im saving up my money right now, I looked up all of the exotic pet licences and stuff, but I was wondering if you owned a raccoon or opossum, how much would the permit be for Oregon. Once they're healthy, rehabilitated possums always should be released.

OREGON FURBEARER TRAPPING and HUNTING REGULATIONS www.odfw.com July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020 .

All states prohibit the ownership of something, whether it’s a restriction on native species or exotics. There are numerous—and rather ridiculous—bans on exotic mammals as pets in most states. Traveling to Oregon.

Examples of Allowed Animals. Mongoose, jack rabbit, moose, deer, elk, fox, raccoon from outside state. Or.

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