2.5ltrs have been discontinued. Minwax® PolyShades® is an easy way to change the color of your currently stained or polyurethane finished wood.

When stain is applied to any species, it typically darkens the wood. How to Darken the Color of Already Stained Furniture Tinted Polyurethane. Mid- to dark-tone wood furniture adds richness to a space, introducing a welcome contrast to … to your list Sku # 5558487 Online Price More Information Polyurethane on existing cabinetry seals the pores, which … If it sticks to the finish it's varnish, shellac or lacquer, and you can't use gel stain on it. The most effective way to lighten the color of your stain is bleaching the wood with chemicals. Close + Minwax® Wood Finish Water-Based Penetrating Stain Semi-Transparent and Solid.
Pure White 1081; Tinsmith Gray 1091; Classic Gray 271; Barn Red 287; Royal Pine 1040; Navy 286; True Black 274; Wood Finish Water … share. Luckily, there are ways that you can lighten the color until you’re happy with it. Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, Linen White $18.99. Mix a can of gel stain in a color of your choice. Wood stain that’s too dark can affect the entire appearance of a piece of furniture or room. I’d love to update it with fresh paint and new hardware, but I’ve heard that you can’t get good results painting over stain. Also, if you're having problems with a creaking floor, you may want to look into screws with breakaway heads. Oil Based Stains: When it comes to polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, and oil based varnish, there are several reasons why you might want to thin the stain. Details. If it sticks to the finish it's varnish, shellac or lacquer, and you can't use gel stain on it. Dip a cotton ball in fingernail polish remover -- acetone -- and dab it on the finish. It can also be used over polyurethane finishes, so you can change the color of your finished wood, without removing the existing finish. Mid- to dark-tone wood furniture adds richness to a space, introducing a welcome contrast to …

Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood explains how to get this look in this tutorial. Tips: Refinishing Without Stripping Rodney shares a quick tip on how to utilize an existing finish without stripping.

Stains and varnishes in one operation. Login/Register . Dark Walnut 2716; Mocha 280; Navy 286; Red Mahogany 225; Honey 272; Jacobean 2750; Ebony 2718; True Black 274 ; Barn Red 287 See Product Details. Packaged Colors. How to Darken the Color of Already Stained Furniture. Gel stain doesn't work with varnish, lacquer or shellac -- only polyurethane. A deep, rich wood stain color plus a white paint over the top will look weathered after distressing. If it's an older finish, test it to make sure it's polyurethane. Since oil and water don't mix, this will help prevent the polyurethane from beading on the surface, like water on a freshly waxed car. Details. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Rodney shows us how. If the wetted wood isn’t dark enough or the right color, you’ll have to use a stain. Unlike other traditional stain, gel stain … Using a high-quality, tapered natural … Stains and varnishes in one operation. Q: My childhood dresser is beautiful but the wood stain looks faded.
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