Bill Paxton thinks preconceived notions of his new show Training Day are "stupid." Even his lawyer said it was tragic, in a bizarre moment of guilt-laced honesty. 16 Police Gets Owned By Law Student That Knows His Rights . Apparently wasn't too well concealed if passersby could tell and call in. Bravo for him for knowing his rights. Minor spoilers for Training Day follow. The city of Weirton, W.V., agreed on Friday to pay Stephen Mader, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two tours of duty, $175,000 to dismiss his … YouTube user James Neighbors posted this police interaction that started with an officer flexing his ego. Uploaded September 17, 2019 ... To Strip On Live For Random Dude! LA Sheriffs are the biggest corrupt gang on the west coast. The man behind the camera makes some excellent points, many of which debunk the worst police paranoia and faulty training. If that happens, the Castile case will be just another sad chapter in … A cop who killed a non-threatening dog has had his immunity stripped and will have to face a lawsuit over his unjustified actions. Man opens his grandfather's palace which was closed for 50 years. Don't know what state that was but they at least allow concealed carry. Cop Gets Owned By Black Man Who Knows His Rights! more; Package thief in California gets comeuppance being set-up with noisey cans. This is how you make cops look like fools. Suspect On The Run Gets Owned By Oncoming Mini Van! website, but suppose you added something that grabbed folk’s attention? Behold the power of knowing your rights and being smarter than most cops! Just Like That: Police Officer Gets Knocked Out After Throwing Protesters Phone Away! The old salt who doesn't talk a lot, but was worth listening to whenever he/she had something to say. His book, “Blood Lines: the Imperial Roots of Terrorism in South Asia,” will be released in February, 2015.
However, that ego would soon cower in defeat. Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Foy, badge #69. He goes after her work machine which is … The sergeant you could always talk to, the lieutenant who still remembered what it was like to work the street. He then goes on his way. That guy and his son are lucky they weren’t executed for noncompliance. You should peek at Yahoo’s front page and watch how they create article headlines to … See more ideas about Cops, Austin police and Revelation 17. The jury’s decision is a lie and everyone knows it, at least until the lie passes into history and becomes truth. That’s the name of the wannabe Nazi trying to earn his SS insignia. If there is one thing a veteran cop knows, that some of the newer folks are learning, it is the value of an opinion one can trust. If a cop plants evidence to arrest a man we all know is a criminal but can't prove it, the cop is wrong and can't excuse his conduct with "people were outraged this guy was free". We all saw it happen. Motorcyclist clotheslined when trying to beat the arm gate. Police Gets Owned By Law Student That Knows His Rights. Arlington, TX — In a brief video posted to YouTube, a man claiming to be a former cop, lets an officer who pulled him over for no reason have it. A man decides to snoop on his wife's online activity to see if she's being unfaithful by attaching a hardware keylogger to her PC. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS - Power Hungry Cops VS Guy That Knows His Rights I mean Cop gets owned & educated by black man who knows his rights… – is kinda vanilla. Sunil Dutta, Ph.D., is a 17-year-veteran police officer in Los Angeles. Police Officer Gets Stabbed By A Man Who Was Illegally Selling Items On The Beach! Jan 22, 2017 - Explore jackroll969's board "cops" on Pinterest. We all better as well informed before we become victims of our police. Read at your own risk!

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