These patterns can be simple, such as a single URL, or complicated including multiple wildcards. This cookie is a session cookie that lasts for up to 30 minutes from the time an End User connects with the site. Step 2. I would like CloudFlare to cache the content in this last example URL, but not in the first one. If the End User passes a challenge, the cookie prevents additional challenges for up to 30 minutes. Check your records on this page and delete both the www CNAME record and your root domain record (see image below or video above for reference). The first step to using Page Rules is to define a pattern that defines when the rule is triggered. Step 2. (Optional) Setup A www Subdomain Instead Note: If you opt to set up a www subdomain, it will function as your main website and override your root domain.If you want it so visitors navigate to your root domain (i.e. DNS Records for Page Rules. instead, please refer to this article.. Use Cloudflare's page rules If access to the server is exclusively via cloudflare you can use cloudflare's own page rules to modify responses for a domain, subdomain, or any url pattern: One of the options is to force https: Page Rules allow you to customize Cloudflare's functionality to match the unique needs of your domain or subdomain, helping to optimize speed, harden security, increase reliability, maximize bandwidth savings, and much more.

If you wish to set up a domain so it appears as, you can use a subdomain in Cloudflare as well. Here's what I've done so far using wildcards with Page Rules: Example: You have a Page Rule that redirects a subdomain ( back to your root domain ( The number one reason that a Page Rule isn't working, such as URL forwarding, is that the Page Rule you created is on a record that is not proxied by Cloudflare in your DNS settings. subdomain pointing at and a Page rule that redirects likewise from “www. Subdomain Support allows designated teams within your organization to control Cloudflare settings for a specific subdomain, while your central IT team maintains control of your root or parent domain.

Learn how to optimize your domain with Page Rules using … We’ve been touting CloudFlare since we first stumbled upon it a couple of years ago. Additional Page Rules can be purchased at $5 / month for 5 Page Rules. Like most guys out there, I use cloudflare for my DNS which works quite well and has extra features you can play with. For a root domain setup, you need to redirect visitors who arrive on a subdomain to your root domain. The number of Page Rules included with a domain is set by plan type. Contact support; Contact sales; Call sales: +1 (888) 993 5273; What we do. Along the top navigation, click on the DNS Settings. : I’ve already register a DNS record with www. In the last blog post, I introduced Page Rules and showed how you could use it to control CloudFlare's features like Apps, Performance, and Security settings on a page-by-page basis.Here I'm going to explain how you can use the same Page Rules interface to enable URL forwarding. From the Cloudflare Help Center: Remember that any Page Rule subdomains must be resolving to Cloudflare in order to work. If you wish to set up a domain so it appears as, you can use a subdomain in Cloudflare as well. First off go to cloudflare and create a new account. Hi everybody, I’m on free tier with a subdomain configured and working just fine.

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