Operation World, a missions research organization, continues to list Iran as having the fastest-growing evangelical church in the world. Today, he lives in Germany, but still fears the Iranian secret service, which even has influence abroad, according to Rode. 13) recognizes the presence of three minority religions: Christianity , Hebraism e Zoroastrianism .The religious minorities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are officially tolerated. Christians are forbidden from sharing their faith with non-Christians in Iran, and it is illegal to produce Christian literature or hold church services in Farsi, the most common language in Iran. Iran from the 1979 is officially an Islamic republic.The Constitution (art. If Christians attend an underground house church, they face the constant threat of arrest. The predominant school of theology, practice, and jurisprudence ( Madh'hab ) in … 13) recognizes the presence of three minority religions: Christianity, Hebraism e Zoroastrianism.The religious minorities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, are officially tolerated.The Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian religions have reserved seats in parliament, as they are officially major religious minorities.

The Constitution (art. Christian news and views about Iran.
The state of Christianity in Israel Christian clerics discuss challenges facing religion’s various sects and peace process. By DANIEL K. EISENBUD . It has always been a minority religion relative to the majority state religions (Zoroastrianism before the Islamic conquest, Sunni Islam in the Middle Ages and Shia Islam in modern times), though it had a much larger representation in the past than it does today. Christianity in Iran dates back to the early years of the faith, pre-dating Islam.

The best articles from Christianity Today on Iran. Converts from Islam face persecution from the government. Iran summons Christians to explain why they converted from Islam Samuel Smith Tue 7 May 2019 16:39 BST Iran's intelligence minister, Mahmoud Mahmoud Alavi, openly expressed concern last weekend about the spread of Christianity in the Islamic republic and said that some converts to Christianity were "summoned" to explain why they have converted. Iran’s Christians bear this harassment and oppression with incredible faith and even cheerfulness. As Christians, we especially love stories that tell us how, when all seems lost, God makes a way.
One such story is about the church in Iran—and it’s one of the greatest stories in the world today. In addition two of the Five Martyrs of Shia Islam have connections to Iran – Shahid Thani (1506–1558) lived in Iran later in life, and Qazi Nurullah Shustari (1549–1610) was born in Iran. Iran from the 1979 is officially an Islamic republic. Today, the average estimates of Christians within Iran range from 300,000 to upwards of one million, according to some missions experts. Manoto News broadcast footage of five Christian converts, four of whom have young children, waving goodbye to their loved ones as they submitted themselves to the central detention centre in Karaj in July 2019 to begin their jail sentences for ‘propaganda against the state’. It’s a simple story that can be summarized in just two sentences: Persecution threatened to wipe out Iran’s tiny church.

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