that may never completely stop, mine still do that. 1.

Aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen by animal behaviorists. I've been trying to introduce the two cats but the adult acts so vicious. insane.

Because it’s freaking out! If your cat isn’t getting enough attention and play, then they will have a lot of pent up energy that has to be released. There is a small ball of fluff with ears in its space, snuggling up with its humans, eating its food, getting a strange scent all over its toys, scratching post and furniture, etc, etc. Our pets like to be in control, so it may take some time for resident cats to adjust to new kittens.

Spat! Amy is an award-winning Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and author of 27 pet care books. The hissing has already stopped, the resident is now inquisitive rather than angry. Your new cat does not want to be stressed by the smells of other cats while s/he is first adapting to his or her new surroundings.

Amy Shojai, CABC.

It’s their way of telling them to back off or they’ll be forced to attack – cats characteristically want to avoid confrontation at all costs, so think of this as a warning shot. The new kitten smells funny to Misty. Therefore, be noticed when a cat hisses. Prepare For Some Disagreements. Lv 6. then we have lola, whos 2, female, spayed, ect.
If your new cat is an adult, you can use a store-bought product called Feliway. My old cat is Abusing the new little kitten , help !

So after 5 days of not eating, a week of hiding under the bed she finally kept comming out during the night and eats regularly now. First and foremost, cat hissing is usually a warning to another person or animal.

So I've adopted a cat (3F) around 25 days ago from a shelter. I am worried that she will become too dominant and I don't want the growling and the hissing to continue. A cat makes hissing noises indicating that it is unhappy about something. ( the other cat is male) Answer Save.

What you will need to stop your kitten hissing. A cat who is growling, hissing, or spitting is a clear sign that the cat is agitated, frightened, or angry about something. A cat growling and hissing is usually a cat who's scared. Learn about The Spruce Pets' Editorial Process. 9 Answers. Feliway imitates natural cat pheromones and helps a new cat … Growling and hissing are both very common ways that cats communicate.

my female cat keeps hissing at my new cat? I just got a new cat today and she keeps hissing and growling at our old cat every time he keeps going near her. EXCEPT everytime Lola trys to go near Cheyenne she hisses and swings at her! 2 weeks is an average adjustment time for most cats.

Anyway, I was given this new kitten because my stepmom took it from a lady at work who found it in the motor of her car or something.

The adult cat is my parents cat. Cats are very territorial. how do is stop this?? The Humane Society says that cats have a wide variety of vocalizations that they use for communicating, both with other cats and with humans.

Cats are naturally solitary animals - you may already be aware that your kitties like things their own way! brought home 8 days ago, adjusted very fast!!! Before you bring your new kitty home, prepare yourself for hissing, growling, fighting, and territory issues, as your resident cat will most likely not enjoy having their turf invaded by a newcomer at first.This is normal.

This can come out in the form of aggressive behavior, such as randomly hissing and clawing at you, attacking other pets, or meowing nonstop at night. Also shy.. 1 decade ago. Description: Image : My Rating: 01. Written by.

Relevance. She was a stray/street cat from what they told me. and not showing any signs of illness, it is generally safe to leave them in their hiding spot. She hides/sleeps during the day on the PC under my desk.

Introduce smell first.

Adult cat keeps hissing at new kitten? We found her outside as a kitten but she still acts a little feral. Don’t be alarmed by hissing or growling. Amy Shojai, CABC. I've been trying to introduce the two cats but the adult acts so vicious. L. Lithium ... and poor little kitten seems very annoyed and keeps hissing back and then just hides or runs away ! If one approach it when it is unhappy, he/she may be bitten by it.

You can also try to separate them but it is difficult to implement and most homes cannot accommodate it. Let's say you've done a wonderful thing and adopted a second cat, you've taken the time to introduce them slowly, but your new cat continues to go after your current cat aggresively—staring contests, stalking, hissing, growling, scratching, swatting, and blocking. We found her outside as a kitten but she still acts a little feral. Encourage interaction through the door.

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