I don't know what to do. 5 Reasons Your Cat's Hissing At Your New Kitten. You can also try to separate them but it is difficult to implement and most homes cannot accommodate it. My kitten is very well natured and isn't hissing or scared at all she is happy and purring.

As soon as she feels comfortable with your new addition, she'll want to make him smell more familiar to her. insane. Lv 6.

If your cat isn’t getting enough attention and play, then they will have a lot of pent up energy that has to be released. If one approach it when it is unhappy, he/she may be bitten by it. If your new cat is an adult, you can use a store-bought product called Feliway. Cats are naturally solitary animals - you may already be aware that your kitties like things their own way!

Help. Written by. A cat growling and hissing is usually a cat who's scared. She hides/sleeps during the day on the PC under my desk. First and foremost, cat hissing is usually a warning to another person or animal. Let your current cat smell the towel. How to Stop Aggression Between Cats 10 Steps for Stopping Cat Fights and Bullying.

Before you bring your new kitty home, prepare yourself for hissing, growling, fighting, and territory issues, as your resident cat will most likely not enjoy having their turf invaded by a newcomer at first.This is normal.

I don't know what to do. Prepare For Some Disagreements. Here are a few things to keep in mind when introducing a new furry family member to the resident feline. As long as your cat is eating, drinking, using the litter box (even if its under the bed!)


We found her outside as a kitten but she still acts a little feral. 2 weeks is an average adjustment time for most cats. that may never completely stop, mine still do that. So I've adopted a cat (3F) around 25 days ago from a shelter. Feliway saves the day. We found her outside as a kitten but she still acts a little feral. It’s their way of telling them to back off or they’ll be forced to attack – cats characteristically want to avoid confrontation at all costs, so think of this as a warning shot.

Because it’s freaking out! Bringing a new cat into a one-cat household isn't always an easy transition. The new kitten smells funny to Misty.

Let's say you've done a wonderful thing and adopted a second cat, you've taken the time to introduce them slowly, but your new cat continues to go after your current cat aggresively—staring contests, stalking, hissing, growling, scratching, swatting, and blocking. The adult cat is my parents cat.

Description: Image : My Rating: 01. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. So after 5 days of not eating, a week of hiding under the bed she finally kept comming out during the night and eats regularly now. Do the same for the new cat. Our pets like to be in control, so it may take some time for resident cats to adjust to new kittens.
Joanne Intile, DVM, MS, DACVIM Reviewed on 07/26/19 by . Reviewed by. To stop your kitten hissing at your older cat you need to distract her with a cat toy, then in time, she will slowly learn to trust the older cat. My old cat is Abusing the new little kitten , help ! Adult cat keeps hissing at new kitten? Introduce smell first. Misty will lick the tiny furball to spread her scent.

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