Fairly common to common summer migrant from winter grounds in Africa. Dull brown reed warbler with a sharply marked head. It is one of the most common winter warblers in those countries. We report ABA Code 4 and 5 birds, as well as a few Code 3 birds that are particularly hard to find in North America. Extremely rare vagrant. Reed warbler Bird Identification Q&A. Migrant. Somewhat similar to the rarer Streaked Reed Warbler but averages much darker and lacks the latter's black striping on the back and wings.

On 17 May, at Kaeng Lawa, Khon Kaen province, 1 Common Greenshank, 1 Oriental Reed Warbler, 100 Oriental Pratincole and 2 Little Cormorant. Thai Bird Report - Facebook.

eBird. Pay attention to short wings (short primary projection), gray-brown tones to upperparts and long, dark-tipped bill with a flat forehead.

The Blyth's Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus dumetorum) is an Old World warbler in the genus Acrocephalus.

On 18 May, at Ranong, 4 Plain-pouched Hornbill. Thai Bird Report - Facebook. Field identification challenging.

POWERED BY MERLIN Small, shy, and poorly understood, this reed warbler breeds in the remote marshlands of northeastern China and Russia. At this stage the bird was still definitely a Marsh Warbler and definitely a Blyth's Reed, depending which trench you had helped dig.I now felt pretty sure it was a Blyth's, but beyond photos and recordings my experience of the species is nil.I was here to learn, and hopefully to collect evidence. Report a Rare Bird NARBA provides rapid reports of rare birds in the U.S. and Canada.

Warm brown overall with a clean-cut whitish brow and throat. (2016) proposed four main taxonomic alternatives for the Eurasian/African reed warbler complex.

#ABArare – Blyth’s Reed Warbler – Alaska. Till recently, Green Warbler (P. nitidus) was considered to be a subspecies of the Greenish Warbler (P. trochiloides).Considering the difficulties involved in identifying the two species in the field, I hope the few pointers here are helpful. Breeds in damp scrubland at high altitudes. It makes clicking noises between its … Green and Greenish Warblers have always been notoriously difficult to tell apart. Where in Kuwait . As for the taxonomy, Olsson et al. Blyth's Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus dumetorum) bird calls and sounds on dibird.com.

Non-breeder. 9 g, female mean 32 g). Thursday, 6 October 2016 Blyth's Reed Warbler - Berry Head Today I decided to visit Berry Head where a Blyth's Reed Warbler has been frequenting the quarry since Mike Langman first found the bird on the 4th October.

Relatively large reed-warbler with very long bill (proportionately the longest of any Acrocephalus), head plumage often
Breeding in Eurasia: c and nc Europe to c Russia and south to the Middle East; can be seen in 70 countries.

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