They lay a fair number of small pale blue eggs, in the nest.
The Ameraucana is known as “America’s most newly recognized APA/ABA Standard Breed being recognized by the APA and admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1984. Their small pea combs and sleek body shape give them the aspect of a bird of prey rather than a chicken. Other breeds will lay them in secret nests in order to hatch them but not the Wheaten Ameraucanas. Ameraucana (click to view more pictures) Ameraucanas are the perky, chubby-cheeked birds that add a 'pop' of blue to your egg basket. We have been working with them for ten years and are pleased with the progress we are seeing in each generation. My blrw hatched today.

Very good. Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameraucana. These are actual pictures of my flock, chicks, hens roosters and eggs from my farm. Colors accepted into APA are Black, White, Wheaten, Silver, Buff, Brown Red, Blue Wheaten, and Blue. The Ameraucana was developed in the United States in the 1970s from Araucana chickens brought from Chile.

Had 11 out of 14. The Ameraucana roosters are not overly aggressive. Ameraucanas lay pretty, light blue to greenish eggs and they're a must-have for any rare breed flock. Currently the APA only recognizes these 9 specific colors: black, blue, buff, white, silver, brown-red, wheaten, blue wheaten and as of January 2020 self-blue. Seasonal/Shipped Early Feb thru Early August. Wheaten Ameraucanas are astoundingly beautiful birds, and quite friendly. My original flock is from the Paul Smith lines. No pictures from any outside sources. The eggs were carefully wrapped and I could tell they were well taken care of. Powered by Create your own … Blue Ameraucana - Sold as Baby Chicks Only Minimums - Not Sexed = 3 Female = 3 Male = 1 Total of 3 birds to ship . Thank u. I will ship you fresh hatching eggs upon your prompt payment. It was bred to retain the unusual blue-egg gene of the Araucana, but eliminate the tufted and rumpless lethal alleles of the parent breed. The "Wheaties" are blue egg layers. The Ameraucana breed was the first breed to be admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1984. The hens will go broody. Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas are an APA accepted variety and breed. Our Wheaten Ameraucana hens, haven't gone broody at all in their first year. They have a fascinating history. They are hardy and have active, inquisitive, and friendly attitudes. Black, Blue, and Splash Ameraucana Chicks Reviews from 2018:.

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