Our collaborative approach to guiding gives you the comfort of hunting with your buddies with the advantage of our expertise and knowledge of the area.

Woodland habitat provides An excellent place to see elk is the Hoh Rain Forest. Following the last glaciation, Roosevelt Elk moved north into the Fraser valley and onto Vancouver Island, and the Rocky Mountain Elk spread as far as the Liard River area. American elk (Cervus elaphus) and Wyoming. and adjacent ranges (C. e. nelsoni), the Roosevelt Elk of the Pacific northwest coast (C. e. roosevelti)and the Tule Elk of California (C. e. nannodes). Roosevelt elk are a much different animal than the Rocky Mountain elk of the high elevation mountain ranges and different tactics are required to be successful. Roosevelt sold the ranch and buildings to Sylvane Ferris in 1898. The Roosevelt elk, being a large and herd-living mammal, needs an extensive range in order to support a stable population. The Roosevelt elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti), also known as Olympic elk, is the largest of the four surviving subspecies of elk in North America.

Roosevelt elk are much larger than the black-tail deer that inhabit the same areas.

Habitat: Elk are relatively versatile, and often occupy a range of habitats, from montane meadows and forests down to the lowland rain forests, where there is ample food.

A typical mainland Canada population of elk has a density of around one to two animals per square kilometer, but on Vancouver Island, due to their restriction to the northern regions, densities in areas can reach up to six per square km.

Too, bowhunting Roosevelt isn’t the physical dodge I’d grown accustomed to through bowhunting Rocky Mountain elk. Gradually the buildings were stripped of their furnishings and, according to a local stockman, by 1901 "every scrap of the Elkhorn Ranch had disappeared with the exception of a couple of half rotted foundations."

Techniques: Roosevelt elk make their home in the thick and lush forests of western Habitat Requirements General Elk habitat consists of a mosaic of woodland cover and large open areas. Male elk have large antlers which are shed each year.

Habitat: Roosevelt elk occupy most of western Oregon, with concentrations in the Cascade and Coast ranges.

Because of limited population size and/or range of tule and Manitoba elk, this leaflet concentrates on the habitat needs and management of Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain elk. Males also engage in ritualized mating behaviors during the rut , including posturing, antler wrestling (sparring), and bugling , a loud series of vocalizations that establishes dominance over other males and attracts females. Roosevelt hunting is a game of chess, covering ground, yes, but doing so smartly.

Olympic Elk Guide Service. They live in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and were introduced to Alaska's Afognak and Raspberry islands in 1928. Roosevelt elk are much larger than the black-tail deer that inhabit the same areas.

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