In comparison, the black racer is completely black, both above and below with smooth, glossy scales.

Where did you see this serpent? Florida's Snakes Black Racer or Blacksnake (Coluber constrictor) NON-VENOMOUS Blotched juvenile Solid-colored adult. Do it yourself: Visit my How To …

It did strike out at us and was about 14"-16" long and 1/2" in width.

Central Florida's Snakes . Here we see a common thin black snake in Florida, the Black Racer. Your snake could be a Eastern Corn Snake, Pantherophis guttatus. What snake is black with a red belly and white ring around it's neck Found in florida. It has a white or gray belly, and it is very fast.

The species is quite adaptable and can thrive in diverse environments. This is how to catch it. With ridged or keeled scales, members of the rat snake family may have blotches, stripes or a combination of both. This is a very small, thin snake, totally black, except it has a yellow or red ring around the neck, and it has a bright red belly or underside, in some cases a yellow underside. You omit the most important part of your question. Blotches are large squarish or irregular shaped markings, frequently with dark borders. This snake is often found patrolling forest streams: it preys on aquatic and riparian fauna including frogs, lizards and other small vertebrates.

9.20.2006 - The Florida Ringneck Snake is one of the most commonly removed nuisance snakes in the state of Florida.

Florida Brown Snake; Florida redbelly snake; Crayfish Snakes (Glossy Crayfish Snake Black Racers (Southern Black Racer; Coachwhips (MasticophisEastern Coachwhip; Red Belly Snakes (. Where are you?

Some rat snakes may be uni-colored, lack black pigment altogether or be white colored and blue-eyed. They are slender and smooth and have round pupils.

A black snake with an orange belly is most likely a ringneck snake.

Have you ever seen anything like this since we have not and lived in Florida for 17 years.

Black rat snake is a non-venomous, medium-sized, yet powerful constrictor endemic to central North America. The snakes are shiny black, with a bright orange or reddish belly, and a ring around the neck, thus giving it its name.

Ringneck snakes can vary in color, from tan to almost black, and they have a yellow or orange underbelly and a broken yellowish ring around the neck. One of the most common snakes found in Florida is the Florida ringneck snake. Black Racer or Blacksnake - blotched juvenile (upper image) and solid-colored adult (lower image) Photos by Dr. Steve A. Johnson (UF). These photos may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.

The belly is generally uniformly dark gray or black.

When we got it out of the 16" pot it had a white belly with greyish black squares on it's belly. They have smooth scales, large eyes, and often have some white coloration under their chin.

Back has gray or brown with blotches ; belly is not black and white checkerboard.

Black Rat Snake … Of Florida's 46 native species of snakes, 35 are found in the Central Florida region shown in blue on this map, including four of the six venomous species--Timber Rattlesnakes and Copperheads are only found in North Florida.Only one non-native species, the tiny Brahminy Blindsnake, is found in Central Florida.

The White-bellied Rat Snake, or 'Brown Rat Snake', inhabits lowland and lower montane forest, to elevations of around 1300 metres.

It has a white or gray belly… This snake is small at only about 10 to 15 inches in length. In the US, the most-common snake that would match that description would be a common black snake: These are quite harmless. Description: As their name implies, black racers are relatively large -- to 60 in (152 cm) -- fairly slender, solid black snakes.

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