I have personally put a LOT of hours into this game in an attempt to discover the FASTEST EASIEST route to Platinum, approx 25hrs.There may be odd parts which could be improved upon, due to the sheer size of this game, its difficult to develop a perfect route for every single aspect.

The Prologue is short and easy, and you'll find a guide here on how to complete it. Bed Chips. For this trophy you will need to upgrade your campus settlement (natural story progression).

trophy when you do not touch the islands to the left in Level 8., Back to Bed PlayStation 4 Welcome to The Sinking City Trophy Guide!

We waited on the doc for an hour before … INTRODUCTION. We attempted to fish Striper with a 4 man group in mid july 2013 and were sadly disappointed with the bait and switch that was pulled. In this new type of adventure, you take on the role of Charles W. Reed, an investigator in the 1920s United States. Bed Window. FALLOUT 4 Trophy Walkthrough. Talk to Alice.

Starting with Trophy/Achievement #2, the Finished Prologue Trophy/Achievement is the easiest. Plush Flower Backpack Trophy. The Sinking City is an action and investigation game set in an open world inspired by the universe of H.P.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Trophy Guide – Episode 1: Done Running End of the Road – Completed Act One. Alice's Room.

Complete Act One in Episode 1: Done Running. By SpiderHako SpiderHako. Once upgraded you will find this trophy hidden near to the stage, head to the stage and take the steps nearby to an elevated area, at the end of this route will be a flower bed and a box that holds this trophy. Act One ends when Clem and AJ return to their bunks to sleep, and AJ wants to sleep underneath the bunk. You will get the 'Smart Guy, Huh?' Trophy/Achievement #3

To begin with, the trip was to begin at 1:00am. ... Quit out after the last shot to Perkins to trigger the I’LL BE BACK trophy. You can stop the timer when the trophy pops up. Trophy & Achievement Guide Since only the first third of Pathologic 2 has been released, not all Trophies/Achievements are available. Lovecraft. Trophy guide service is one man named Sparky Price. I'll Be Back Trophy Guide. Beds are used by pressing the use item button while looking at the bed.. A player sleeps by use a bed during a thunderstorm, or at night (between 12541 and 23458 ticks, when stars appear in the sky).

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