It is green, gray or brown in color. Find it everywhere but Dukes and Nantucket Counties. Gray Tree Frog Cage Setup. This is really an exhilarating topic for a tree frog analyst. No, tree frogs are not poisonous. Texas Nature Trackers Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 4200 Smith School Road Austin, TX 78744 (800) 792-1112 ext.

These frogs should not be confused with another native frog called the "green tree frog (Hyla cinerea)". Careful hand washing is advised for anyone after handling gray treefrogs. Cope's Gray Tree Frog; Distinction between subspecies: There are no physical distinctions between the Eastern Gray Treefrog and the Cope's Gray Treefrog. Its coloring helps it blend in with tree bark! 8062 Setting up an enclosure for a Gray Tree Frog is fairly simple. Cope’s Gray Tree Frog and Gray Tree Frog has brighter orange color on the thigh while the Bird-Voiced Frog is more greenish-yellow. It lays clumps of 10 to 14 eggs along the shores of ponds. Frogs and toads survive the winter by hibernating! One cannot differentiate between gray tree frog and copes gray tree frog. As such, I suggest using a tall terrarium; something with more vertical space than horizontal space. Safety Tip: This species of frog produces a toxic skin secretion that can cause extreme discomfort to the eyes, lips, mucus lining of the nose, or open cuts and abrasions. The hind legs are longer than the front legs and are modified for jumping. The Cope’s Gray Tree Frog, the Eastern Gray Tree Frog and the Bird-Voiced Frog look very much a like. The difference is the coloration on the inner thigh. Tree frogs that are poisonous include the golden poison dart, the black-legged dart and the blue poison dart. They’re not very difficult to care for, but they’re a little more complicated than your average toad. Threats to regional populations include habitat loss, the pollution of water ways, invasive species and the threat of diseases, such as the chytrid fungus. The gray treefrog is about two inches long. i like gray tree frogs! Gray Tree Frogs (Hyla chrysoscelis and H. versicolor) (Photo By Herschel Raney) Introduction: Gray tree frogs are medium-sized, arboreal frogs native to eastern North America. It is also green in color, but this frog … Conservation. The gray treefrog can change its color in seconds. The frog contains about 1 milligram of poison; enough to kill 10 to 20 human beings.

It can be a solid color or it can have blotches on its back. The warty bumps on toads contain chemicals that can repel, sicken, or even kill animals that try to eat them.

Its call, heard from spring through summer, is a short, high-pitched trill.

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