They’re also a food source for a variety of predators.

The Appalachian cottontail has a patchy distribution, primarily within the Appalachian Mountains, from Pennsylvania to northeast Georgia. In Georgia, most habitat is on the Chattahoochee National Forest. Similar Species: Eastern Cottontail has more of an orangish nape and the iris is a lighter brown, but they are virtually impossible to tell apart in the field. The Appalachian cottontail is a rare and descendant species of the cottontail rabbit. Since fruit is part of their diet, they’re important seed dispersers. Appalachian Cottontail. Appalachian cottontails resemble eastern cottontails, however Appalachian cottontails are smaller, lighter and have a black patch between the ears. The species cannot be conclusively distinguished from the eastern cottontail just using external traits. Conservation Management Recommendations. Geographically, Georgia represents the southern end of its range and therefore populations are low and it is included on Georgia’s Protected Wildlife List. These rabbits occur in the forests of eastern and middle Tennessee mountains. South American marsupials are thought to be ancestral to those of Australia and elsewhere. Appalachian cottontail is associated with dense cover of heaths, particularly blueberry and laurel, and with conifers at the higher elevations in the Appalachians (Whitaker and Hamilton 1998). South American marsupials are thought to be ancestral to those of Australia and elsewhere. The Appalachian cottontail looks very similar to the eastern cottontail, distinguishing between the two species can be very difficult. The Appalachian cottontail is generally restricted to the Appalachians and has a patchy distribution that extends from Pennsylvania to northeast Georgia. Georgia is the southern end of their range, and they are a protected wildlife within the state. The Appalachian cottontail is a medium-sized rabbit with brownish upper body and white underparts.

Within Georgia the Appalachian cottontail is recognized to be imperiled with a state ranking of S1S2. In order to realize that vision, we strive to incorporate groups that are The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s vision is to connect the human spirit with nature – preserving the delicate majesty of the Trail as a haven for all to enjoy. It is termed as "rare" because its area of occupation is limited to the upland areas east of the United States. Appalachian Cottontail The Appalachian cottontail is the rarest rabbit in Georgia. They live in elevations of 3,000 feet or higher. Appalachian cottontails (S. obscurus) are the rarest rabbits in Georgia. Cottontail rabbits are among the 20 lagomorph species in the genus Sylvilagus, found in the … Since little is known about this species in Georgia, needed conservation measures are difficult to address. Proc. Appalachian Cottontail photos and facts including description, habitat, food, breeding, conservation status Appalachian Cottontail (Sylvilagus obscurus) Appalachian Cottontail (Sylvilagus obscurus) Photograph by Carly & Art from Washington 105(4):841-866.

In Virginia, the species is … Soc. Eastern Cottontail Rabbit There are several species of cottontail rabbit, but the eastern cottontail is the most common. Habitat and geographic location are the best way to identify an Appalachian Cottontail. Biol.
Systematics and biogeography of the New England cottontail, SYLVILAGUS TRANSITIONALIS (Bangs, 1895), with the description of a new species from the Appalachian Mountains. Description: A medium-sized mammal with soft fur, large hind legs, long ears, and a fluffy white tail. Georgia's only extant marsupial, the Virginia opossum is a relatively recent immigrant from South America.

Appalachian Cottontails are more forest dwelling than Eastern Cottontails.
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