The James’s flamingo is hard to tell from its Andean counterparts, because of its similar coloration and size, and these flamingos are often mistaken with immature Andeans.
Three Final Flamingo Facts And the growth of flamingos, half meter. Flamingos are among the longest-lived bird species, and captive individuals in zoos may reach a lifespan of up to 70 years. Here you can discover their lifespan, diet, habitat, appearance, breeding and behaviour.

At first look, Flamingos are the most recognizable wading birds in the world. The Andean is the rarest species of flamingo and they live in shallow lakes located in the plateaus of the Andes mountains in South America. The Andean Flamingo has been categorized as a vulnerable species. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has reported there remain only 30,000 of them still living in the wild. Unlike the Andean Flamingo and Puna Flamingo, they have a hind toe known as a "hallux".

Pink adult Flamingo weigh four or five pounds.

See where you lie on our list of the life spans of 50 animals.

These large birds can be identified by their long necks, legs that resemble sticks, and pink or reddish feathers. Small and flamingos James.
They are often a lighter pink than the other flamingo families, except for the line of deeper crimson that runs along their necks.

Learn more about the flamingo at the Animal Facts.

The Andean flamingo, which has yellow legs and feet, is now classified as Vulnerable due to its drastic drop in numbers and the Galapagos population is considered especially vulnerable to natural disasters. The Flamingo’s lifespan is between 20 to 30 years in the wild. But there are cases when the captivity of flamingos lived to 80 years. The rest of them: Common and Red Flamingo. It grows not even a meter tall, and have an adult bird weighs only two kilograms. Flamingo: Victims of Industry? The smallest species of Flamingo, is Small. Andean and Chilean flamingos. They have narrow wings with their primary and secondary flight feathers being black in colour and their wing coverts being red. Their large bill is downward curving and it is dark red in colour with a black tip. If you liked this article and you like to read about the various animals of our unique planet, subscribe to the site updates and get the latest and most interesting news about the animal world first. But there are cases when the captivity of flamingos lived to 80 years. And they could live in captivity for up to 50 years. The average lifespan of a pink flamingo is 30 years. We’ve illustrated the life span of animals longevity ranges from a few years to 500 or more!

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